If You Quit You Are Out Of The Game- Your Dream Is Valid

Almost everyone has a dream, but only few are willing to cultivate the right attitude towards actualizing their dreams.

I have heard so many people talk about their dreams, I have heard so many of them talk about how great they want to be when they grow up, but most of them are actually the real enemies of their dreams.

The truth is, the road to success is full of barriers that need to be overcome, if you are not strong enough, you will just be mediocre.

It is ok to fail, it is ok to take a break, but the only thing that is not allowed on this journey is to quit. If you quit you are out of the game.

In fact, the urge to quit on your journey of actualizing your dream is so high that almost every successful person has experienced this urge at some point in their lives.

There will be a point in your life when you feel like you have put in your best on a particular thing, there will be a time in your life when you feel like your best is not even enough, there will be a time when you will completely run out of ideas.

When times like this come, just pay close attention, because there is actually an opportunity in every adversity.


You cannot actually enjoy real success if you have not tasted failure. I just want you to know that on your journey to success, failure is inevitable.

During an interview with Thomas Edison, he was asked why he was still chasing after his dreams even after failing 10,000 times, he gave a sarcastic response. He said “I did not fail, I only found 10,000 ways that did not work” 

About 60% of opportunities most people have today are wrapped up in disappointment, you are better than you think.

Never give up on that dream of yours, you can restrategize, you can change plans, but don’t change your goals because you think you can’t do it.

Let’s assume that you love writing and it is obvious that writing is what drives you, will you jump into the aviation industry just because you encounter Writer’s Block sometimes while writing?

Writer’s block is a normal thing so many writers encounter most times while writing, you can actually ask J.K Rowlings about that.

I am using writer’s block in this context just to explain something to you, writer’s block in this context means challenges you encounter in your different fields of endeavor.

When you encounter challenges on your journey of actualizing your dream in life, don’t change your goals, you can always devise a means to fight those barriers.

You can follow another route, you can draw another plan altogether, but let your goals and destination remain fixed.


Find out the things that drive you, the things that you love doing, and the things that you really have passion for.

It is true that we all have plans of making ends meet from our different dreams, we all believe that one day our dreams will pay off and put food on our tables, but while working towards actualizing this, it is only our passion for that dream that keeps us moving while waiting for the success.

That is while you should take time to discover yourself, the things that drive you, your core values, and the things you really have passion for because if you have passion for something, it will be hard for you to actually back off.

Never give up on your dreams, without commitment you will never start, but most importantly without consistency, you will never finish.

You can actually be anything you want to be if you decide to have a change of mindset and let that lion in you out. You don’t know how strong and productive you are, until being strong and productive is the only thing you have left.

There are about 8 billion people in the world and none of them have the same fingerprint, this simply means that we are all here on a different journey.

Life is a journey, everyone has his or her own purpose in life, and you will be doing yourself no good by living another man’s life. You have to stand up now and chase your dreams like a wounded lion. To get something you never had, you have to do the things you never did.


I was watching one of Denzel Washington’s inspirational videos and he said something about Les Brown

He said “ imagine you are on your deathbed and standing around your deathbed are the ghost representing your unfulfilled potentials, the ghosts of the ideas you never acted on, the ghosts of the talents you didn’t use and they are all standing around your bed angry, disappointed and upset and they say, we came to you because you could have brought us to life, but because you don’t believe in yourself we are going back to the grave with you”

This is actually what led me to write this post today, and I believe I am talking to someone. I ask you today if you close your eyes in death today how many of these ghosts will be around your deathbed.

What will you be remembered for, what legacy do you plan to live behind if you die today, these are rhetorical questions. Do just this to that.

So many of us have invested a lot in education, and people have also invested in you too, these investments are reciprocal.

Make sure that you give back to the world, make sure you do something with that talent you have because you will surely give an account of any talent you take for granted.

Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams, don’t let the fear of failure stop you, the things you seek lies on the other side of fear, the question is, are you willing to overcome that fear and cross over to the other side and dominate your niche.


A dream is very powerful, you will get knocked down many times chasing your dreams, sometimes you will feel like you don’t have the energy to get back up, and sometimes giving up will be the only option you have left.

This is the time you need to stand your ground and hit back, this is the time to be more observant, who knows, it might be a clear sign that you need to do some work there. 

The harsh truth is that nobody really cares when you are struggling or going through difficult times, if you are expecting people to turn up for you and be there for you during this darkest moment, you will get disappointed.

But the good news remains that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

You will be really disappointed because at some point even your own family will criticize you and try to talk you out of that dream.

It takes you and you alone to build a strong resistance to those criticism while chasing your dreams, let your eyes be focused on the finish line.

It takes courage, it takes confidence, and a strong mindset to break those barriers, you have to believe in yourself to the point that no one can discourage you.


Currently, we are celebrating Tobi Amusan the 25-year-old Nigerian girl who tuned out the world record holder and a world champion in the just concluded 100m hurdles.

She ran a time of 12.12 seconds shaving almost a tenth of a second off the previous world record in the semi-finals of world championships in Oregon before going on to win.

Tobi Amusan said that when she started running it was only her mum that believed in her, her dad did not even see any future in her running career.

She said, “ my Mum would tell my dad that I was going to church while I sneaked out to practice or tell him that I was going to a school debate while I went to out-of-state competition.

She said, “ my dad got really mad one time he found out I was running, he set my training gears on fire and told my mum, that’s the last time he wanted to see me in the stadium.

She is celebrated today not just because her mother believed in her, it is simply because she believes in herself.

Finally, it ended in victory and tears of joy as  Tobi Amusan stood on the top step of the podium at Hayward field making a remarkable day in Nigeria, this saw the country’s National Anthem played at the World Athletics Championships for the first time ever.


Do you still need people’s opinions to validate your dreams and existence in life? This is another rhetorical question. Do justice to that.

There is a lion inside all of us, but most people have decided never to unlock it, they have decided to cage it forever.

Talking about your dream will not get you far, working consistently is one thing that you need. Everyone wants to eat, but it is only a few that are ready to hunt, everyone wants to succeed but it is only a few that are willing to put in the work required.

There is nothing like an overnight success, for you to make it and be comfortable in life, you have to be uncomfortable, and you have to leave your comfort zone to achieve your goals.

There are lots of people out there who have accomplished big things, there are people who are living their dream life today, if they can achieve it, then it is proof that you too can do that.

Life is unpredictable, it comes with a lot of surprises, you might even be closer than you think, create a mindset that keeps you moving even when others quit.

On this journey, you need to have a lion or an eagle mentality, these two creatures never stop chasing their prey until they catch it.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dream, don’t let them tell you that your dream cannot be reached.

The ladder of success is only crowded at the bottom, when you get to the top, you will effortlessly dominate your territory.


Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, be the light at the end of the tunnel, it is up to you to decide.

In a few years to come, you and your family will either be starving or eating from the decision you, made today. 

Otti Juliet Amara

From impactlife.com.ng