WORLD: If you’re someone within the region classified as the third world, then you might want to come a little bit closer to grab this knowledge with two hands.

There’s a difference between people from the part of the world perceived as third world and their counterparts from the part classified as the first world. Well, this isn’t new, right? You already know this.

They have better infrastructure, better governance, and I might as well add a better civilization. They have better everything that sometimes leaves the third world native in astonishment.

Due to this obvious difference, we feel incapacitated, desiring everything from “Away” and wondering why they seem to be so superhuman-like.

Unable to understand this “mystery,” we resign, simply adding that there must have been something deposited inside them that was omitted in us.

That assertion is what I am here to confirm, unfortunately. I’ve been a lifestyle mentor to several young people, and by the sheer privilege of the Highest, I’ve worked with a lot of young people. Sometime recently, my influence expanded and I started working with young people outside Africa.

I haven’t even worked with them for up to three weeks, but I have already noticed a shocking difference in their attitude towards knowledge.

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Yesterday after our second official session, I gave them some tasks to do. They had one week to submit the task and to make it easier, I told them they could take more time if they wanted.

About 4 hours after our session, my phone beeped. An assignment had just been submitted! One of the requirements of the assignment was for them to get a goal book and write down their one-year goal. In 4 hours, they had already bought the book and set their goals!

No excuses
No “I couldn’t do it because I was busy”
No “I didn’t have money to buy a book.”
No “my mum sent me on an errand, so I couldn’t do it.”

Nothing! Promptly, they had critically and flawlessly compiled goals that were specific, measurable, attainable, resolute, and time-bound. I didn’t need to send reminders or beg them or have my inbox full of apologies over the skipping of deadlines.

Now let’s compare the scenario with some people from our side, the third world. In the Rosian Republic community, young, Nigerians come with “zeal” to learn. I see their “zeal” and get to work immediately. I painstakingly take sessions and give tasks. One week to submission, I send reminders. However, three weeks after the deadline had already passed, someone comes to apologize for missing the deadline. It’s not like he’s apologizing to the assignment already done. No, he’s apologizing for permission to submit the next week.

This attitude is exhibited in almost every path they take, which is actually funny because considering that you’re already born in a disadvantaged environment, one would expect you to pant after knowledge as the deer pants after water. But no, here, we overlook our responsibilities and expect God to solve everything for us.


As John Obidi would say, you’re already disadvantaged by being born “here.” However, you shouldn’t stay that way. If you have to lock up for hours to improve your personal and mental infrastructure, please do. It starts with reinventing your mindset and attitude on how you use knowledge.

If you don’t reinvent the way you act on the information you receive, you’re going to continually groan in misery and it’s not just you….. Generations!

Let him that has an ear…


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