We All Have The Same 24hrs To Be Productive

The only thing all productive people have in common is the same 24hrs, most of us think that it is beyond this.

We all have the same 24hrs to be productive and be useful to ourselves, most people make the most out of it while so many others accuse their village people for not doing anything at all.

What matters the most is how you plan your own 24hrs hours, if you plan it well you will even have time left for breaks and leisure.

If you don’t plan it well, you will be stuck between almost all your daily schedules. Nobody is an island, nobody knows it all. 

This post is strictly written to help you become more productive, and if you still see yourself unproductive after consistently doing these 15 things listed here, then you should actually blame your village people indeed.

Today, we have the list of 15 things you should do to be more productive in your field of endeavors.

No 1: Write it down


A to-do list is mandatory for increased productivity to get organized they allow you to see where your focus should go every day and they give you a sense of accomplishment when you take an item off the list.

Create a to-do list each night for the upcoming day in order to have a clear image of what needs to be done, this way you won’t spend time in the morning trying to decide what task needs to be done first

No 2:Cut down you’re to-do list


When writing a to-do list you will be tempted to add a lot of items that are not necessarily important and that is why you should take another look at it.

A very long to-do list makes you very anxious in the morning or frustrated in the evening when very few things are checked off the list.

No 3: Stop multitasking 


Sometimes it feels like being able to multitask is a must-have skill everyone should accomplish in order to become successful, but the truth is multitasking is a productivity killer.

Multitasking is actually your brain switching very fast from one task to another and this results in a decrease of up to 40% of your productivity.

Studies show also lowers your IQ so stop it now focus on one task at a time and give it a hundred percent

No 4: Minimise distractions 


In order to be able to focus on one task at a time, you have to minimize distractions you don’t need to answer all of your emails or phone calls right away unless, of course, that’s your job.

Turn off those notifications and stop checking Facebook and other social media accounts every 20 minutes and put your phone on the do not disturb mode while working.

You will be amazed how much work you can get done when you are fully focused, let your friends, family, and colleagues know about this and tell them not to disrupt you until you finish your tax

No 5: Organise your workspace


When everything is in place and your work desk is organized it is much easier to focus on the task at hand instead of feeling the urge to arrange a pile of sheets or searching for a pen not knowing where you left it.

Lots of people invest a lot of time and money in their Workspace buying expensive desks, fast-going computers, high-quality pens, and so on.

The most expensive and luxurious working station at the moment is the emperor Workspace, it comes with optimized working gear that has everything you need like a comfortable seat, a desk to write on, space to put up monitors, and other features.

The price goes from the basic $5300 to the premium of $12000

No 6:Track and limit how much time you spend on tasks 


In order to optimize the time you spend on a task, it is very important to track and evaluate your work.

Do you spend much time reading similar articles when doing research or maybe you go on Facebook every 20 minutes when you feel like taking a break and end up spending a whole half an hour scrolling through your news feed, you can’t know how to improve it unless you keep an eye on it

No 7: Embrace technology 


Don’t be afraid to use every app and add-on necessary to get your productivity score higher, track the amount of time spent on each task, create schedules and set up reminders and work-related notifications instead of writing that to-do list on a piece of paper that is easy to misplace put it on your phone or desk make sure all of these resources you have are at the tip of your fingers

No 8: Set smart goals


The smart acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound, what this means is when setting up a goal you have to define it.

Specifically set a way to measure the progress on it make sure it is realistic and attainable and set a deadline for it so it doesn’t get finished someday

No 9: Choose your friends wisely


Surround yourself with people that have the same mindset and ambitions as you do and try working beside them.

This way you can motivate each, other brainstorm ideas, and discuss relevant topics that will enrich your knowledge and make you strive harder it is an important step to follow so make it your purpose to find people that inspire you to work on and join them

No 10: Learn by yourself


There is this principle called the compound effect that says that no matter how small the effort you make, if you do it constantly it adds up, and before you know it you have mastered a new skill.

Think about it this way, by taking a one-hour payday for independent study which means 7 hours per week and 365 hours in a year, in three to five years you can become an expert on the topic of choice by spending only one hour a day on it.

Pick up a book and start reading and if you think that one-hour payday is not doable just think about all of the time you waste on social media, use that time to read or to listen to an audiobook or a podcast of your choice, trust me, it will be worth it

NO 11: Develop the Habit of saying no 


You can’t be a yes man or a yes woman pleasing everyone else need and still not finish your project on time.

You should get yourself used to saying no to colleagues asking for help because they interfere with your working habits and this kills productivity.

That doesn’t mean you should never help anyone but make sure you do it after you finished your own task, whenever someone comes asking for a favor you don’t have time for just refuse politely or schedule it for a time when you are less busy

No 12: Be productive, not reactive 


This one is pretty straightforward and sums up almost everything we have covered so far don’t let incoming emails or phone calls dictate your day but instead create a plan ahead and try sticking to it get involved in your schedule don’t let others do it for you

No 13: Don’t get engaged in endless meetings 


Meetings are the black hole of productivity because they take up a lot of time and most time they don’t come to any conclusion.

Avoid meetings that aren’t mandatory at all costs or propose a different way to do it maybe there is a messaging group where everyone can answer when they are less busy.

Remember bill gave had a three-minute meeting and whoever couldn’t address a situation in that time frame was left on the outside, he was the richest man in the world for almost two decades so he was certainly onto something

No 14: Focus on result-oriented activities 


Many of the activities we do throughout the day and not urgent and don’t usually have a visible impact on our lives.

There is this principle called the Pareto principle that states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our actions you must find the 20% activities that bring you the 80% results and get your main focus there.

No 15: Take care of urself 


Maybe you’d be inclined to think that productivity is just about scheduling and sticking to a plan in order to be efficient in your work but there’s more to that.

You must invest in all aspects of your life in order to be properly productive, go to the gym take care of what you eat, and get enough sleep so you will feel energized and motivated to work towards your goal.

Being productive means living a balanced life taking regular breaks from work, and staying healthy, and happy, nothing beats a positive attitude that comes from living life in harmony.

Which of these habits are you going to work on immediately?