Usain Bolt Did Not Just Won With His Legs And Physical Strength

Have you ever wondered why Usain Bolt won virtually all the races he participated in, do you think it is just his legs that does the magic?

If you think that it is only his legs and his physical strength that does the magic all the time then you must be a joker.

I am not here today to tell you everything about Usain Bolt, I just want to tell you today that when you start thinking like a winner, you can actually win every race in your life.

Watching the last part of this movie titled Overcomer, I learned so many things from Hannah’s dad.

Hannah never won any race in her life before, but on that last day, she was coached by her dad and she eventually came out the first.

Usain Bolt

Here are the few words her father said to her while she was running the final race. He told her that “ you don’t win races just with your legs, everything happens in your head first, the race is a mental competition, start thinking like a winner.

Take your opponents out one after the other, when your body tells you that you can’t do it, don’t listen to it, when it tells you that you should quit, tell your body that your mind is in charge today.

When your legs start to hurt, don’t slow down, because slowing down can make them hurt even more. Don’t look back to see who is behind you, don’t worry about them, focus on what is ahead, you can go back and congratulate them after the race.

These words spike up something inside of Hannah, she followed every instruction from her dad, and she never thought of stopping on the way even when it was obvious that she was really tired.

Usain Bolt

She overtook her opponents one after the other and in the end, she won the race.

Now, if you are still thinking that Usain bolt won his races with just his legs, I just want to let you know that he might have also come across such words like that of Hannah’s dad in the movie Overcomer.

Every winner you see out there has this same mindset, they don’t just win with their legs or physical strength. 

Everything happens in their head first, their minds are focused on the finished line, they don’t burn themselves up too early, and they save some energy for the end.

Winners never look back, to see the distractions behind them, they only focus on the things that are ahead of them.

To that person who is gonna come across this post today, you might not be a sprinter like Usain Bolt or Hannah in the movie Overcomer.

I just want you to know one thing, in every field you find yourself in life, just let your mind be focused on the finish line.

Usain Bolt

Don’t look back, don’t let anything distract you, if your body is hurting let it hurt, if your body tells you to quit, remind it that your mind is always in charge.

Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you have achieved your aim, you can be the next Usain Bolt and Hannah in your fields of endeavor.

I hope this is enough motivation. Let’s look at a few achievements of this great man, Usain Bolt.

Usain bolt is a famous athlete he was born on August 21 1986 in Sherwood content, Jamaica. His father was Wellesley bolt and his mother’s name was Jennifer bolt. 

His parent managed to make ends meet by managing a shop where most groceries were sold the young boy was enrolled at an institution named Waldensia Primar, for his primary school education.

He was known for being a good sprinter during his time here and even won many ten-meter running contests at this institution.

Usain Bolt

Bolt later moved to the William Knibbs memorial high school where he started playing sports such as cricket. While mentoring the kids who were interested in the sport, the coach felt that Usain would be a better athlete than a cricketer. 

He even encouraged the latter to run. The young lad soon participated in the 200 meters racing event in school, which he finished in a matter of 22.4 seconds.

Soon after he was coached by a former sprinter named Pablo McNeil, the first major international sporting event in which bolt participated was the IAAF World Youth Championship held in 2001.

Usain then went on to participate in the 2002 world junior championships. In this international event, he won the 2002 meter event, by completing the race in just 20.61 seconds.

He then made waves in the world of sports through his extraordinary performance in the 2003 CARITA Games events. 

In 2004, he participated in three events, namely the 2004 CARIFTA Games, 2004 world junior championships, and the famous 2004 Athens Olympics.

Bolt teamed up with a new coach Glem mills in 2005. Under Glens’ mentorship, this famous sprinter registered a win in a two hundred meters event, where he finished the contest in just 19.99 seconds. 

Usain Bolt

This athlete was really looking forward to the 2006 commonwealth games but had to back out of the event for a hamstring injury. 

Though many felt that Usain lacked sufficient experience to participate in the Beijing summer Olympics which were to be held in 2008.

 He silenced his critics by qualifying for the 100 meters final event. Bolt achieved path-breaking success when he won the 100m  final, by completing the race in a mere 9.69 seconds and eventually became a world-renowned icon. 

He also won the 200m final with a new Olympic record of 19.30 seconds. He won his third gold medal at the 2008 Olympics. 

At the 2009 Berlin world championships, he created world records in both the 100m and 200m events. He won the 100m race with a timing of 9.58 seconds and the 20pm race with a timing of 19.19 seconds.

He also won a gold medal in the 4×100m relay race but the Jamaican team failed to better their own world record. At the 2011 world championship in Daegu, Bolt was eliminated from the 100m finals due to a false start.

He came back strongly to win the gold medal in 200m with a timing of 19.40 seconds. He participated in the 2012 summer Olympics and created history to become the first man to successfully defend both the 100m and 200m Olympic sprint titles. 

He also won the 4×100m relay race and achieved the double triple raising his overall Olympics medal tally to six gold medals.

Usain Bolt

He won the 100m race in 9.63 seconds and the 200m race in 19.32 seconds. At the 2013 world championships in Moscow, he once again emerged victorious in 100m and 200m, with a timing of 9.77 seconds and 19.66 seconds, respectively.

He also won the gold medal in the 4×100 meters relay final. At the 2014 commonwealth games, he participated in the 4×100m relay and help his team win a gold.

At the 2015 Beijing world championships, he once again won the 100m and 200m, and 4×100m relay races with the timing of 9.79 seconds 19.55 seconds, and 37.36 seconds, respectively. 

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, he once again won the gold medals in all three events and took his overall Olympics medal tally to 9 gold medals. 

He won 100m in 9.81 seconds 200m in19.78 seconds and the 4×100m relay in 37.27 seconds.

At the 2017 world athletics championships, bolt won his heat uncomfortably after a slow start of 10.07, in the semi-final he proved to be 9.98 but was beaten by Christian Coleman by 0.01. 

His achievements as a sprinter have earned him the media nickname “lightning bolt”. Bolt retired after the 2017 world championships when he finished third in his last solo 100m race. 

Finally, winners never quit, and quitters never win, in all thy getting get yourself the mindset of a winner.