RELATIONSHIPS: I have been dropping pieces of this on my timeline since yesterday but can we really talk about it?

I really love trends, I love the new inventions, I love the creativity of many people trying so hard to impress their partner in one way or another.

I love pre-wedding photoshoot. Or is it the bridal shower? I love it so much.

Do you even want us to talk about the proposal? The public show? The kneeling down? The whole concept to make that day memorable? I love it all and I know you do too.

What about changing into 7 different cloth during the traditional marriage day and the newest changing of cloth during the church wedding reception? This is all cute and I love them.

I know you meant not agree with what I want to say but just give it an honest thought.

Can we be real? Can we talk about this? I know you have been dreaming of that day, creating imaginations and fantasies in your head. Oh.

I know you even watched those Telemundo and Zee world and you have seen how that aunty is so romantic that you conclude your own relationship must be that romantic.

They make love so so sweet and even at a point unrealistic and you want yours to just play out exactly that way for you too.

Some aunties want a Daddy Adeboye with a touch of Davido blue and Jim Iyke red while Some uncles want Mummy Enench with a touch of Rihanna pink and Genevieve black.

See, the worse thing that will happen to you is to allow these new world trends of things to do to spoil a heaven destined marriage.

Some of you ladies have said if he doesn’t agree with you wearing 5 different cloth during your traditional marriage day then he is not ready for a wedding.

Some guys have said if she doesn’t come cook and wash their cloth for them, then she is not a wife material or if she won’t want a public proposal then you won’t propose.

Listen to me now if you have never listened before.

Never make any man-made introduction, trend or invention a must in your life or relationships.


Those things are good but can be done without and you will still have a sweet home.

If you want to do it ensure you can really afford it and both of you agree on it.

No two relationship is the same.

Biblical principles work out for every relationships the same way but any human introduction/trend will work differently.

One of the major causes of many failed relationship today is because people have fantasies and want their partners to fit into their fantasy which in next to impossible because your partner is probably wired differently or have their own fantasy too they would want you to fit into.


The clash of Fanta

You want all those trendy things forgetting your partner can’t afford them all, you want a public proposal forgetting your partner is shy.

You want to change cloth because your friend changed forgetting your husband can’t afford it.

If you really want your relationship or relationships to work out well, this is a piece of advice.

Don’t force your fantasies on your partner because it’s trending or because you saw it in a movie. Relationships.

Find out what will work for both of you and ensure you talk to your partner and both of you agree on which to do and which not to do objectively and reasonably.


Remember, following trends doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage but following God’s principle does guarantee a successful marriage.

Two can never work together if they don’t agree. Amos 3:3.



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