SUBMISSION: Man: Woman, the Bible said “Wife submit to your husband as to the lord”.

Man: You are not submissive at all.

The funny thing is that some of the men saying this doesn’t even believe in the Bible. They disobey half of what it says but upholds any that makes them feel good and in authority.

Sir, can I tell you something?

Submission is not as easy as it comes out of your mouth. Don’t think any woman randomly finds it easy to submit to a man.

It takes a lot to give up your choice, stay under someone, obey a man, follow him, and do some things he wants when you don’t really feel like.

If we flip the table so you play that role you will only discover that you can’t even do any better.

So listen up.

It’s hard for any woman to submit to you but you can really make it easy for her to do.

Most women that happily and joyfully submit to their husbands today didn’t just do it only because they understood submission.


They were able to do it because the man understood leadership.


They found submitting to their husbands easy because they discovered that the man at all time had their best interest at heart. Therefore, they had nothing to be afraid of because they know even though they are a helper, the man will still lift them up.

The man’s understanding of leadership gave them confidence that, Hey this guy knows what he wants, he knows what I want too and he is ready to ensure we both fulfill our dream and manifest the greatness within us.

These women found submission easy because the men they were dating or married are not dictators but an inspiration to become a great individual.

They found submission easy because the men are servant leaders because leadership is all about service. So they serve in the best interest of the whole family and not for personal gain or selfish gain.

Now Uncle, learn what it means to be a leader. Learn what it means to be the head of the home since you are already quoting the Bible.

Don’t go by what your forefather told you ‘that a woman is a slave in her husband’s home, therefore control her and don’t allow her shine so she won’t outshine you’.

If you are scared of your wife outshining you then you are still a boy in an adult boy. You are no leader and you don’t deserve submission from any woman.

You have to do mindset overhauling because you have been feed with lies and today you are just running up and down looking for a slave and not a wife.

Your wife is your helper, just the way you are to her too. She is in your life to help you carry the burden or the assignment you have and in that process fulfill her own assignment. This means both of you need each other. You are meant to help each other out, build a strong team, and win together no matter who shines more.

If your wife is shining more support her because two have become one, her shining is now your shining and your shining is now her shining.

When you do this, just like the Proverb 31 woman, you will be known in the city gate because she will praise you for every praise she receives because you are part of the reason she is where she is today.

You make submission easy for her by showing her no matter what, she must succeed, so even if tomorrow you ask her not to do a thing she will gladly obey because she knows you still have her best interest.

This is how submission works.


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