The 9 Facts You Must Know About The 2023 Bbnaija Titans

This year’s Bbnaija Titans premieres its inaugural season on Sunday, with spectators from all over the African continent expected to watch.

The program is an African adaptation of the Banijay Boards reality TV series, and it brings together the Big Brother franchises from South Africa and Nigeria with great hopes for spectacular entertainment.

Here are nine exciting facts to know about the show as the countdown for it begins:

Bbnaija Titans
  1. The winner’s prize

The principal presenter of the entertainment program, The MultiChoice, has pledged to award the $100,000 grand prize to the show’s winner, while also promising other housemates amazing outside-the-house consolation prizes.

  1. Host Nation

The premiere of the program will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Despite the fact that South Africa and Nigeria will also have candidates on the competition.

Big Brother Titans
  1. Culture clash

Certainly, this will be one of the major things to watch out for in the show as the housemates will see things differently because of their different cultural backgrounds, making the whole show open to cultural diversification.

  1. Viewership channels on DSTv/GOTv

The first episode of Big Brother Titans will air on Sunday, January 15, at 8:00 p.m. on the Africa Magic Family (DStv 154) channels. For the rest of the season, M-Net and MultiChoice will also air Big Brother Titans on Channel 198.

      5. Evictions

Like Big Brother Naija, the Big Brother Titans housemates will be evicted every Sunday night. Big Brother will reveal who is up for eviction during the week, and the co-hosts will reveal who is leaving the house on Sunday nights.

  1. Presence of Diary rooms, and other gaming activities

Aside from the Sunday night evictions, Big Brother Titans will also retain the other dedicated programming events like the special Biggie diary sessions, Head of House games, Friday night parties and tasks.

  1. Show hosts

Speaking of co-hosts, Big Brother Titans will have two co-hosts. Lawrence Maleka is the host from South Africa, and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu will represent Nigeria.

Bbnaija Titans
  1. No shower hour

There will be no shower hour in order to clamp down the degree of nudity. MultiChoice earlier made a claim that  DStv subscribers didn’t like the shower hour.

  1. Number of Housemates

The number of housemates has not been revealed yet, as there are insinuations that there will be ‘fake housemates’ too but stir up the expectations of the show.