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Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The Victims

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HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Let’s see that the world has evolved to a global village where people get opportunities, and also space where people have been exploited. Let’s take into consideration that everything is just through human survival.

Human trafficking is the process of training girls into sexual exploitation, deceiving men into accepting random job offers, tracking men and women into strenuous force labor of handling force jobs like building factories and farming, the widows are not left out as they are used to working in an enclosed place like private home without a home to return.

Human trafficking is a problem to society because of money. The whole essence why Human trafficking victims fall prey is because of money, the truth is not far-fetched because these activities are carried out both in other countries and within.

Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The Victims

And why these people fall, the victim is because of the quest to become successful, legally wanting to work, but most unfortunate working for these people who recruit them in deceitful ways.

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But how can this act keep going on without the preventive measures on How to prevent human trafficking.


It is disheartening that these types of activities are ongoing in the country, and it seems like a shallow issue to the people.

The world was already created for greatness, thus, it is not supposed to be submerged. It is supposed to be a state where people go out for job hunting and come back with Joy that there’s news, but this is actually the reverse.

There are teary eyes on sad faces, and scorching sun blinding the forehead, the body seeming like it is healthy but actually suffering.

All of these are because of different trafficking that is going on. Let’s look at the three different types of human trafficking.


Between our legs, we’ve been hit, on our faces, we’ve been slapped, on our breasts, we’ve had older men suckle on them instead of our babies, our lips are red and hurting because of constant clocking. I hate to be here, I hate it that I am not able to escape, I hate it that I can’t be heard. I really wish I had a chance to go!

Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The Victims

These are words said by girls going through sexual harassment. In the faces of the men, there are excited, ready to give them 20 rounds of sex, but their heart bleed, they cry like they are babies, their souls taste for liberation.

Sexual trafficking is one type of human trafficking that has occurred in modern times. Even Human trafficking movies portraying these factors shows evidence of what is happening. This kind of trafficking seems more or less an offense in the eyes of the perpetrators, it is not legal though it is so to them. This act is more prevalent because the exploiters are able to lure young girls with money


This is another Business where exploiters donate human parts to other people in favor of their health and body well-being. The truth is not far_fetched that these donors still kill the people they are suffering. Perhaps when they see that one is of no use again, they look to kill them. 

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In other ways, they create legitimate professions in the doctorate areas to carry out brutal affairs. They create a vacancy for doctors, nurses, and health care professionals to balance their work.


A movie with human trafficking in the decade will tell you that men and women who forced into force labor just to have food for their family usually feel pains and feel like letting go. 

Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The Victims

Even if they work joyfully, they are doing this, so they won’t be killed or even beaten.  The worst disheartening is that women are involved in this hard job.


Vividly, people delve into things based on a reasonable base known to them. There are many causes of human trafficking, but we will explain four major types.


One of the reasons for human trafficking is poverty, poverty is one thing that can drive a person to indulge in what they didn’t intend to. This particular reason drives people into the street to do what they never wanted to do.


There’s a need for education, whether you are doing it for a job or Business, education is an integral part of living. Lack of education makes people lose opportunities and enter into the trap of exploiters.

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Education is not just the learning environment, but the knowledge ascertained. Lack of education can make people misconceive information. Yes, it can, when there’s no proper assimilation of ideas, a man dies off.


Cliché says, show me a friend, and I’ll tell you who you are. This statement can actually be a fallacy to some extent, but then; there is a possibility of someone falling out with his friends when they are key partners hunting for jobs. Bad associated always cause human trafficking.


When a group is voiceless and under the control of another, it becomes weak vessels under control.

Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The Victims

There’s a tendency that this group is a marginalized one.  When groups, people, or associations lose the human right or the power to air out their own opinion, the exploiters create adamant decisions unfavorable to them.


The level at which graduates are lacking a job is alarming. Tell me why a graduate will not venture into anything like this when the pay is huge and after staying in the house for years without a job.

He/she will definitely find ways to survive or the family. Lack of jobs makes people venture into human trafficking.


The high effect of human trafficking is flimsy in nature but bad inexperience. At the end of exploiting humans, these people end up with depression, broken bones, loss of memories, criminal behaviors, or any other kind of behavior.

Thus people may take a longer period to recover from this trauma, and end up needing a social behavioral change communicator to enlighten them on how to let go, or possibly a counselor to keep encouraging and motivating them. There are other Effects of human trafficking like death, suicide, mental disorder, loss of weight/deadly disease, etc.


Human trafficking didn’t start today, even till now, people are still falling prey to this situation, now the toss question is how can it be prevented?

Human trafficking can’t be prevented in a subtle or delicate way, it needs a replacement like creating more and more job opportunities for the uneducated.

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Human Trafficking And Its Effects On The Victims

Funding ways to employ security for such acts, or possibly enforcing power in the hands of the army men to checkmate and scrutinize what goes in and out of places.

It can also be prevented by providing free schools for the girls especially, creating avenues for recreational services for the young graduates to leverage on.

The level at which graduates are jobless is alarming, let this be taken into consideration as a way of preventing human trafficking.

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