Don’t Underrate The Power Of A Woman- Kanika Tekriwal’s Success Story.

Kanika Tekriwal has practically proven that women can do well in every industry in life if only they are given equal chance.

If I tell you that you can order private jets and helicopters just like uber using just your phones and laptops will you believe me?, well I don’t blame you if you doubt it, I was as confused and shocked as you are when I found out this fact after reading everything about Kanika Tekriwal and Jetsetgo company.

It is not a joke for a woman to own 10 private jets to herself and also manage over 72% of all the private jets in India?

Indeed If you believe in yourself the entire universe will conspire to make everything work for you.

Every adversity we face in life has a way of contributing to our success. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

You can actually choose to either work and wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, or you can choose to be that light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t wait to be thought how to catch fish, be the biggest fish in the pound instead. If your dream is not big enough to scare you away, then probably it must be a nightmare and not a dream.

When Kanika Tekriwal launched Jetsetgo in 2012 venturing into Indian aviation after battling cancer, she had no single aircraft on her own, all she knew was that she wanted to build a charter aircraft model using an aggregator model.

An ailment as big as cancer is enough to throw anyone off balance, but instead of her allowing that to hinder her dreams she devised other means of conquering it.

At the age of 22, Kanika was diagnosed with cancer, after undergoing 12 chemotherapy sessions and one year of radiation she bounced back.

Kanika TekriwalA

During the days she was battling cancer she read motivational books by Lance Armstrong a professional cyclist who fought testicular cancer and was back on the track. His words played a great role in Kanika’s life.

Today Jetsetgo has its own aircraft, it has grown into a company with a turnover of Rupees 150 crores and hired about 200 employees. Globally aviation is a very regulated industry and it is not an industry many people want to venture into.

People say” if you are a billionaire and you want to step down to millionaire, the best way to do that is by going into aviation.

And that is the mindset Kanika wants to correct. The good news is that that ideology and mindset have been corrected today by Kanika Tekriwal.

Money is not male, and no industry is restricted to the male gender, it all depends on what you have inside of you, who you are, and the things that drive you.

Today we will be looking at 


  • Kanika Tekriwal’s success story( who Is Kanika Tekriwal)
  • Who is kanika
  • The Rise Of Jetsetgo
  • Vision and mission of Kanica Tekriwal on Jetsetgo company
  • Kanika’s biggest lessons as an entrepreneur
  • Jetsetgo Indian Biggest Customers
  • Offices 
  • Final note

Who Is Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal is the brain behind Jetsetgo aviation company, she was born in the Marwari family in the year 1990.

Kanika Terkriwal was born in Bhopal inia, but she is currently living in Delhi, she went to Lawrence school Lovedale, where she completed her high school studies.

In 2008, She completed her diploma in visual communication with B.D Somani Institute of Art and fashion technology.

In 2009 she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Mumbai and she earned her MBA degree in finance from Coventry university in 2011.

The Rise Of Jetsetgo

Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika Tekriwal has always dreamed of being a pilot since she was so small, but her parents discouraged her from venturing into aviation because of how tough the aviation sector is in India.

But because Kanika has built so much resistance to people’s opinions concerning her dream, she decided to pay deaf ears to those people doubting her.

A lot of people told her that no private jet user will ever use technology to book a plane, so convincing people to do this was her biggest challenge

When she was working in the UK she told her reporting boss, the then CEO that she wanted to go back to India and start her aviation adventure.

Her boss told her she is such a great girl, but she should not waste her time in India because girls don’t have space in Indian aviation.

Kanika saw it as a typical white man mentality and those are one of the main reasons why she moved back to India to start the business.

She said, “looking back into my own life, a lot of people said Nos to me than yes, and she said that one we should try to use every no as a stepping stone to our next level.

She said that we should turn every no into a yes and keep believing in ourselves. When she got into aviation at a very young age, people thought that she does not non what she was doing.

You know one funny thing about telling people your dream is that it is not everybody that sees your dream from the same perspective, which is why they will always criticize your dreams until you turn them into reality.

Kanika did not need anyone’s opinion to validate her dreams and existence, she was so convinced that she even decided to work with more women instead of men, just to prove to people that women are actually good at something.

She said that she is gonna get so many women into aviation, which is why today they try to have a woman in every cockpit.

Normally in private jets and in private aviation, people don’t hire female pilots or even female engineers.

Kanika Tekriwal

Kanika kept on questioning that every single day, and she always ask herself why can’t we do this differently, what is the harm in having women do all these things?.

She said that a lot of times people tell her that she is being so Gender Biased, in the rest of the world people hire more men than women,  but she hires more women.

She answered that” i am not being gender biased, she said that she has a target to be gender diverse 50/ 50 by 2025.

She said that it is very important to get more women into the country and into the aviation sector.

In 2014 Sudhir Perla a chartered account and an oxford management graduate joined the company as co-founder.

When Kanika went to make her first pitch for her business in a very big organization, she walked into the board room, she was the last person to enter the board room.

The people who she had gone to make the pitch to said to her “ Excuse me miss can you please ask everyone what they want (Tea or Coffee), and she looked at them and said, I am so sorry, I am the CEO of the company who has come to make a speech to you”

When she said that, they did not really know how to react, because she was such a young girl and she was probably dressed very simple as usual.

After consistently pressing and stalking them for six months, her wishes were granted, and today the manager of that company is one of her biggest fans and customers.

Kanika actually proved to him that women can actually be productive if given the chance and opportunity, as a result of that, his company which had a 2.4% population of women working with them now has over 70% women working with them.

Kanika Tekriwal

Indeed money is not male, no industry is gender-based, and everybody is productive, Kanika was able to change that mindset that women have little or nothing to offer in some industries.

When Most of the organizations she had gone to look at her and the height of the company she wanted to venture into, they will advance to either focus on getting married or do something easier or more feminine like making cupcakes or opening a boutique.

But at the end of the day, Kanika was able to change that mindset that there are some industries that women cannot venture into.

When Kanika launched Jetsetgo in 2012 venturing into Indian aviation after battling cancer, she had no single aircraft on her own, all she knew was that she wanted to build a charter aircraft model using an aggregator model like Ola and Uber.

Today after all the no’s and criticism she received from people, she was able to turn her dream into a reality. Kanika does not only own her own private jets, 72% of private jets in India are managed by her. 

The  company has operated 6000 flights from the year 2020 to 2021, currently, Jetsetgo is looking for a first power advantage in urban air mobility with its EB toll, that is ( electrical vertical take-off aircraft  services which is capable of vertical take-off and landing)

This could be a prominent chapter in the company’s future. According to Kanika, it will be a shuttle service between two points in a city.

Jetsetgo has piloted the services in Mumbai and the most attractive part of it is that the charge will be as cheap as an uber. It ranges from Rupees 1000 to Rupee 2500 depending on the distance. it services are done using a helicopter. 

The company is trying to cash in on the concept of air taxis which will be a norm in the future. indeed, Jetsetgo has changed the way people look at private aviation in India 

Jetsetgo’s clientele includes corporate celebrities, politicians, and other significant people. The company offers a wide range of charter flights including six-seater and eight-seaters planes.


Kanika said that her aim in opening the company is to enable the fastest possible connectivity from point to point through any means of transportation in the fastest possible means.


Kanika Tekriwal

She said that hopefully, by 2025 or 2026, they plan to introduce EB tolls in India, using the third dimension to do taxis in India and to get people to travel within cities using air taxis

They already did a trial run using helicopters in 2015 in Bombay where they connected 5 parts of Bombay using helicopter shuttles and setting them at uber costs.

The  company has operated 6000 flights from the year 2020 to 2021, currently, Jetsetgo is looking for a first power advantage in urban air mobility with its EB toll that is ( electrical vertical take-off aircraft  services that are capable of vertical take-off and landing)

This could be a prominent chapter in the company’s future. According to Kanika, it will be a shuttle service between two points in a city.

Kanika’s biggest lessons as an entrepreneur

First lesson

She said that her biggest lesson as an entrepreneur is that fear can actually keep you stagnated without doing anything. 

she was never afraid of failure. when she started the organization, everyone was asking her what if she fails, what if things go wrong there were so many what if(s) and she said to them, if I fail I will start something else, I am destined for success.

The truth is that fear has not really solved any problem for anyone, as a matter of fact, everything we are looking for in life lies on the other side of fear.

She said that if she was afraid when they told her that it is hard for a woman to survive in the aviation sector, probably she might not be where she is today, but she overcame that fear because she knew who she is from the beginning and she knew also what she wanted in life.

There are days when she wakes up crying and praying when she had nothing, there are also times when she wakes up crying even now that she has almost everything.

It was only her that needs to be there for herself, she said that you need to be your own biggest motivation, supporter, and backbone to keep going.

Fear had no other options than to pave way for her.

Second Lesson

The second important lesson she learned as an entrepreneur is that the journey of a thousand miles actually starts with a step, she said “  no matter how big or small your team is when you are starting a company, it will eventually grow to thousand of people in the future, always believe in your team, create a strong team that you can trust.

There is no company without co-founders, and there is no big company today without a strong team.

Nobody is an Ireland, to start anything in life, you need yourself, you need to believe in yourself first, but to go far in life, you need people.

Third lesson

Kanika Tekriwal

The third lesson she learned as an entrepreneur is that you should believe in yourself to the point that no one can puncture your dream. The was a time Jetsetgo was the worst affected industry ( hotel and travel) because they could not take up planes out of the airport.

They had planes stuck all over the world, costs were running high and they didn’t have the chance to even fly after that to recover the costs or do anything.

The industry had to cut salaries, lay off people, sold some of their assets, etc. Many people were telling her to quit and look somewhere else, but because she has always believed in herself, she was able to bounce back again.

When you are easily influenced by people’s opinions on your journey to success, then be sure to back off easily.

One thing you should be sure of is that, people must talk and criticize you, but if she built so much resistance to outside noise, then they will be there to congratulate you at the end.

Focus your eyes on the finish line, don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams, because if you are not stepping on the toes of people, then you are probably standing still.

If you believe in yourself the entire universe will conspire to make everything work for you.

Fouth lesson

Every adversity comes with success.

During an interview, she was asked “ Kanika if you were given magic wants and God allowed you to back and change any 3 things in your life for the past 30 years that you have lived, what will it be?

After thinking, she said that she will change absolutely nothing because every adversity and everything she has been through actually made her what and who she is today.

So many people will wish to go back and change probably one or two things if given the same opportunity, but she said that there is nothing to change from the past because if those challenges did not come, she might not be able to face bigger ones when they come.

She said that everything, every criticism she got from people contributed positively to her success.

She practically turned all the nos she got from people, companies, and organizations into her stepping stone.

Jetsetgo’s Biggest Customers In India

Business Owners 

The biggest customers of Jetsetgo are business owners who use the flight to fly to different cities in one day. 

They use Jetsetgo because they cannot actually do that in commercial airlines. Apart from using Jetsetgo at their own convenience, it also saves a lot of time and stress for them.

People From Medical Sector

Talking about people from the medical sector, these people can actually turn the private jet into an ambulance and do back-to-back medical evacuations.

In a situation like this, the only option they have is Jetsetgo, their medical team can actually go and pick patients and get them into more advanced hospitals in larger cities.

Inbound tourists

Inbound tourists and domestic tourists are other people that use Jetsetgo, these sets of people use the plane for their own leisure.


Jetsetgo has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad

Final Note

Kanika Tekriwal

Criticism is inevitable in your journey to success, but how you handle criticism and noise from people is what defines you.

Fear has never solved any problem in life before, it will only keep you stagnated.

Always believe in yourself

Don’t let the nos you get from people validate your existence, turn them into a yea and a stepping stone.

While starting any company, always build a strong team who also supports and believes in you

Money is not male, there are no industries that are restricted to the male gender only, it all depends on what you believe in.

You can be the next Kanika Tekriwal in your fields of endeavors, just don’t let people’s opinions validate your dreams in life.

Keep pushing, if you are not crawling make sure you are walking, if you are not walking make sure you are running, if you are not running make sure you are flying, but don’t quit, keep moving.

Believe in yourself, you can be that light at the end of the tunnel. Your future is in your hands.