1. Jargons are always JARGON; we cannot have JARGONS❌❌.

What’s more, JARGONS are not synonymous with NONSENSE. According to OALD, 10th edition, it is defined as, “words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group of people, and are difficult for others to understand.”


Medical jargons, legal jargons, economic jargons, and whatnot.

2a. Working experience ❌❌

2b. Work experiences ❌❌



3a. GraphicS design/designer ❌❌

3b. GraphiC design/designer ✅✅

4a. Make-up artiste ❌❌

4b. Make-up ARTIST; Graphic ARTIST, etc ✅✅

5a. Dabble INTO something ❌❌

5b. Dabble IN something ✅✅

I hate it when my father dabbles IN politics.

6a. At a CROSSROAD ❌❌

6b. At a/the CROSSROADS ✅✅

OALD defines it as, “at an important point in somebody’s life or development.”

7a. Have/Take your/my/our bath ❌❌ Jargons

7b. Have/Take A bath ✅✅

Last but not least, I will correct a frequent error often made by women concerning PERIOD, the menses.

8a. SEE A period ❌❌

8b. HAVE a period ✅✅

Take your cue from the examples below:

A) Two months ago was when I last SAW my period ❌❌

B) Two months ago was when I last HAD my period ✅✅

hope someone is learning something, many times there are some blunder we make in the name of speaking English, many believed it is correct, but it’s only a few that knows the correct word/ sentence.

However, it is advised that we always consult our dictionaries for proper pronunciation and also read books on good communication skills in English I order to save of the shame that comes with disgracing our selves publicly,

This particular jargon has made some people lose their jobs on several occasions all because they lack good communication skills or better skills. To save yourselves the disgrace consult books that are written solely to correct and to improve your communication skills /grammar.


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