Impactlife Submission Page

Impactlife Submission Page: ImpactLife Blog is always on the lookout for awesome writing to share with our large audience, an audience that is always eager to read something new, educative, informative, engaging, and different, so send us your work, write-ups, or anything you feel that is worth sharing with people out there( THAT IS STRICTLY WITHIN OUR NICHE). ( Hehe, you are not doing it for free, you write and get paid) 

You can make your write-up to be an Episode or Series, we have explained what our blog is all about on our About-Us Page. 

You can write on anything meaningful, like Depression, Divorce, Marriage/relationship, Encouraging a girl child, Rape, Girl’s health, sex, clothing, and hairstyle, etc.

Note: you can equally compare or write on the things that are happening outside the country, not just in Nigeria.

Impactlife Submission Page

 If you are making your story or write-up an Episode or Series, you have to notify us and also make sure you are consistent.

  Bear in mind that we respond to every submission we receive.

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  Below Are Some Of The Things To Keep In Mind While Submitting.

  1. Send your submissions via email to
  1.     We accept fiction – short stories and series, Non-fiction, poetry, essays, Fantasy, fun listicles.
  1.     Ensure that poems are 150 words and above and all other articles are up to 500 words and above.
  1. We do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere. ( that is plagiarized content). Of course, we run a check on all articles before publishing
  1. You have to bear in mind that you are writing for an online audience, so keep things short, sharp, and exciting.
  1. Don’t forget to include a brief greeting in your submission email
  1. Make sure that your names are properly written on each post you are submitting. You can only be anonymous if you are sharing a Non-fiction story and clearly state the reasons for such a decision in your mail
  1. Ensure to include a short bio and photograph of yourself.
  1. You retain the copyright of your work.
  1. Remember that we will edit your work and sometimes change the title.
  1. There will always be an award/ awards for the best writer/writers monthly and yearly respectively and a lot of competition and giveaways as time goes on. 

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Note: Impactlife blog is aimed at promoting women in the aforementioned areas.