Giving Up Remains The Birth Place Of Regrets- Deshauna Barber

If Deshauna Barber had taken no for an answer, I might not be writing about her today, in deed giving up is the birthplace of regrets.

I dont even believe that being a soldier has anything to do with beauty pageants.,if it was an exam question, I will fail woefully, because I can’t even relate the two.

But after watching the video of Deshauna Barber, the first soldier to be crowned Miss USA, I realized that indeed, you are the only person that can stop you from becoming anything in life.

Just like Priyanka Chopra embraced her own opportunities when they came, Deshauna Barber didn’t fail to do the same thing.

Deshauna Barber

This is actually what successful people have in common, they utilize every opportunity that comes their way because they know that it does not come by often.

If Deshauna Baber did not listen to that woman that motivated her to go into pageantry, maybe I might not be writing about her today.

Anybody can be an Amy/soldier, but it takes an extra effort to be a soldier with a difference, of course, you cannot wake up and be crowned Miss USA, it takes a lot of things to get there. 

Indeed giving up is the birthplace of regrets, and if you are still taking no for an answer, then chances are that you probably going to remain stagnated and static in life.

Deshauna Barber said that the reality of life is that you are gonna get more nos than yeses. Everybody must not say yes to you, every opportunity will not be in your favor, but make sure that the more you get no for an answer the harder you move.

Deshauna Barber

In the summer of 2019, Deshauna was only 19 years old, working a summer position at Target between a freshman and software year at undergraduate school.

She was working in the women’s clothing department when she noticed a woman staring at her from across the aisle, funny enough Deshauna thought that the woman had a few screws loose, and she decided to ignore her. 

The stare from the woman was very intense to the point that the woman managed to move closer to her.

When she eventually got closer to her, she said “Hello”, Deshauna replied with a very famous quote which is “ may I help you find something”?

The woman asked her “ were you born in this country”? , Deshauna immediately became offended, and she responded “ yes I was born in this country”

Deshauna Barber

The woman asked her again, “ do you have kids”  she said no, she asked again, “ are you married”, she said no,  she asked again, “ how old are you”, Deshauna replied 19 years old. , may I help you find something

The woman then said to her, you are the most beautiful girl I have seen, and she replied, “ oh thank you”  and then she said to her again, “I think you could be the next Miss USA, Desshauna starred at her with pure disgust, imagining how she could possibly make it to be the next Miss USA while she was already in Army.

Deshauna told the woman that she is in Army, and they dont do pageants in Army. The woman then told her to meet her the next day before her next shift at target so that she could do a little explanation of what pageant is to her. 

Being an open-minded 19-year-old teenager, Deshauna agreed to meet her the next day as she requested.

During the meeting, the woman brought out a lot of pageant books and proceed in convincing her to enter the state pageant.

You know, when it comes to Miss USA, you have to win your in your state first, so 3 months later she competed in the state pageant, she lose, she went back the 2nd year and competed in the state pageant, she lose, she went back the 3rd year, competed and loose, went back the 5th year competed and loose, went back the 6th year competed with the state pageant and loose.

Deshauna Barber

She then picked up her phone and called the woman, she said to her “ you told me that I could be the Miss USA “, and she said to her “ keep working, don’t quit, keep going back” 

Unfortunately in the month of June 2015, the woman died of Lukamea, leaving Deshauna with these words “ keep working, don’t quit, keep going back” 

6 months later in December 2015, Deshauna won Miss USA, she automatically became the first soldier to win Miss USA.

Deshauna said that giving up was the thing she did a lot while she was growing up, and she didn’t really challenge herself to stick anything through.

When Deshauna joined the track team in middle school, she asked her mother to buy her a track shoe.

Her mum actually bought the shoe, but when Deshauna went to put it on, she found out that it was a size 9 instead of a size 5, when she asked her mother why she bought an oversized shoe for her, she replied “ because I know that you are going to grow into them one day.

Deshauna Barber

When the day came for them to run a lap, she fell down even before she could run with others and twisted her ankle because the shoe was not her size.

She couldn’t run at the speed that she wanted then, because she didn’t fit the shoes she was wearing at that time. 

The story of this oversized shoe teaches us so many things. So many of us have goals that we are trying to achieve, but the person we are right now is not the person that we need to be when we cross the finish line to our dreams. 

So we must work and pace ourselves on the journey to our goals because we haven’t grown enough in ourselves to fit in the shoes that we need to achieve our aspirations in life. 

She said that sometimes our purpose drops in our laps as if the heavens threw them by accident.

Do not fear failure, but be terrified of regrets, because giving up is the birthplace of regrets, she said, “ do not be afraid of Nos, be afraid of the possibilities of the yes that you have prematurely destroyed because you decided to quit before the clock strikes 12” 

Well, I don’t know why you are still taking no for an answer, I don’t know why you feel that you are entitled to get a yes each time you undertake a task, getting no for an answer should be an enzyme that speeds up the rate at which you move ahead

Deshauna Barber

If you are still afraid of getting no for an answer, then you are not ready to make a move, don’t be afraid of no, welcome it with an open heart.

There are levels you will attain in life, you will be left with no other options than to thank those people that said no to you because of them, you did it yourself.

Do you know what it actually means for Deshauna to spend 6 tears of her life tryna proof to the world that she can bring that crown home?

Honestly, if it were to be some of us, the reverse will be the case, but she consistently did that, and finally, it paid off.

There is nothing like an overnight success, the ladder of success is not crowded at the top, you only work hard down there.

Deshauna Barber is a global figure today because she did not take no for an answer, she knew exactly what it takes to be a winner.

You can be the next Deshauna Barber, it is all left for you to decide.

Hope you learned something from this piece?

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