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Meaning Of Depression And How To Get Over It, ( Part 1)

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Many lives have been wasted because of this thing called depression, when I am talking about lives, I mean to say that so many people have taken their own lives because of depression. This may be because they don’t actually know the meaning i:e depression meaning, they feel carefree to undergo some depression test.

Some people can actually be suffering from depression and anxiety at the same time.

Meaning Of Depression And How To Get Over It, ( Part 1)

In this chapter, we will be talking about depression signs and symptoms and then we will also know if it is actually depression or bipolar disorder.

What Is Depression?

Well, I will start by saying that for someone to feel down from time to time is a kinda normal way of life, depression sets in when conditions like hopelessness and despair take hold of someone and refuse to go away.

Depression is so bad that when it sets in, it will drastically change the way you think, feel and function in your day to day activities. It can as well disorganize your ability to work, study sleep, eat, in fact trying to get through each day becomes overwhelming.

so many people describe the word depression as having a feeling of impending doom, or even living in a black hole, while others see it as feeling lifeless, apathetic, etc.

Meaning Of Depression And How To Get Over It, ( Part 1)

one thing is sure, no matter how lifeless and hopeless you feel, you can always get better. You actually achieve this by simply understanding the cause of your depression and then take appropriate measures towards curing it. Depression can pose a serious health issue that might even lead to death if left untreated.

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The signs and symptoms of depression actually vary from person to person, there are some common signs and symptoms of depression, but for the purpose of this content, I will be dropping just 10 common signs and symptoms of depression. They include;

Meaning Of Depression And How To Get Over It, ( Part 1)
  • Loss Of Interest In Daily Activities; when you find yourself in this condition, you start losing interest in your former hobbies, social activities, sex, etc, the ability to feel joy and pleasure will be lost.


  • Change In Appetite And Weight: The weight loss will be so visible to the point that people will start coming up with questions


  • Irritability/Anger: apart from feeling restless and agitated, your tolerance level will also be very low, this also includes having short temper and getting quick to anger


  • There Are Changes In Your Sleep: it is either insomnia, will likely keep waking up in the early hours in the morning, or oversleeping
  • Reckless Behaviour: when you are depressed you eventually start engaging in escapist behaviour, like reckless driving, dangerous sports, compulsive gambling, etc.


  • Self Loathing: during this stage, you will start criticizing yourself harshly for some kind of perceived fault and mistakes, you will also have a strong feeling of worthlessness and guilt all the time.


  • Losing Concentration: it as simple as it sounds, you will have problem focusing on anything, even on decision making and in remembering things


  • Sudden Aches and Pains: it is no longer news that depression is accompanied by physical complaints such as headache, muscle ache, stomach pains, etc.


  • Loss of Energy: you will not just feel physically drained, you will also feel sluggish and heavy on your whole body, and finally you will start finding it hard to complete a common task.


  • You Will Feel Helpless And Hopeless: this is the final stage, here you have a kinda bleak outlook, that is feeling that there is nothing you can actually do to improve the situation

Meaning Of Depression And How To Get Over It, ( Part 1)

Above are just the signs and symptoms of depression, one our next post on depression, we will see if depression is really a bipolar disorder, the suicidal risk of depression, how depression varies with gender and age, etc.

You can help yourself improve and get better by knowing  and reading some depression quotes and some depression memes, all these will help improve your chances of overcoming depression and its adverse effect





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