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Weight loss: How To Lose Weight Fast In Just 2 Weeks

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Weight loss has become almost the highest search on the internet, many people have been searching for some simple and effective ways to lose weight

Before I talk about these fast and effective ways to lose weight I will first of all talk about the implications of overweight and obesity.

There is no point jumping into the tips on how to lose weight fast or how to lose weight naturally what you need to know about overweight.

 In this article, we will be looking at

Weight loss: How To Lose Weight Fast In Just 2 Weeks

You might be asking what overweight or obesity is, this is simply a condition of having a very harmful amount of body fat, or simply put, it is an unhealthy or irregular distribution of fat around the body.

Excessive body fat or overweight posses as a treat to bones and organs which comes with several complications.

Overweight also causes a complex change in the metabolism of the hormone which increases inflammation.

Overweight and obesity are just two sides of a coin, and it is one of the largest health problems around the world, which is why people are constantly searching for causes of obesity side effects of overweight and how to lose weight naturally.

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There are several related conditions that are associated with overweight, they are collectively called Metabolic Syndrome. Some of these conditions are high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and poor blood lipid profile, and it has been proven that people with these syndromes are at a very high risk of having heart disease and type 2 diabetes compared to those with normal body weight

Weight loss: How To Lose Weight Fast In Just 2 Weeks

Signs and symptoms of overweight in adults includes

  •         Excess body fat accumulation( it is common around the waist)
  •         Snoring
  •         Sweating ( excessively )
  •         Shortness of breath
  •         Fatigue( from small to extreme)
  •         Pain normally on the back and joints
  •         Sleeping disorder
  •         Psychological problems include negative self-esteem, depression same and even isolation.

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 Those symptoms listed above are symptoms common in adult, so if you and experiencing any of those things listed above, the only thing required of you is to look or get yourself involved in some weight-loss food, not only that you can as well engage in some weight loss tips at home before hitting the gym.

I will talk about children too, but I am more concerned about adults because it has more adverse effects on them than on children.

So many people have been asking some questions, how to lose weight in 3 days, 7 days diet plan for weight loss, how to lose weight in fast in two weeks, etc

I am still going to give you about 10 or more most effective ways to lose weight, but before then let’s treat them one after the other.

Weight loss: How To Lose Weight Fast In Just 2 Weeks

Signs and symptoms of overweight in children and Adolescents.

  •         Shortness of breath with physical activities
  •         Eating disorder
  •          The appearance of stretch marks on the hip and back
  •         Some deposits of fatty tissues may be visible in the breast region
  •         Constipation
  •         GL reflux
  •         Early puberty in girls/delayed puberty in boys
  •         Acanthosis is dark velvety skin around the neck and other areas
  •         Poor self-esteem
  •         Orthopedic problems like disordered hips and flat feet.

 Apart from these visible signs and symptoms in adults and children we still have what we call Rare Syntomps.

Some of the rare symptoms include

  •         Pro-opiomelanocortin(POMC) deficiency obesity: the signs and symptoms of this include hyperphagia that is extreme hunger, which normally starts during infancy, and also some hormonal challenges such as having adrenal insufficiency
  •         Leptin receptor(LEPR) deficiency obesity: the common symptoms include hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, this is the condition in which the male testes or the female ovaries produces very little or no sex hormone because of the problems with the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus.
  •         Bardet-biedl syndrome(BBS): the major symptoms are vision impairment, Polydactyly that is having an extra finger or toe, and then kidney impairment.

 The next point we are going to treat is the risk associated with body fat or simply put disadvantages of overweight, and there are many side effects of being overweight, but for the purpose of this content we shall be treating just 10

Weight loss: How To Lose Weight Fast In Just 2 Weeks

Some health risk and implications of overweight are

  •     Heart disease: this is more common in people that are overweight, and it can be caused by fatty deposits that may accumulate in the arteries that supply blood to the heart. people that are overweight tend to have blood pressure, very low-density lipoprotein(LDL) cholesterol, blood sugar, and all of these leads to heart disease.
  •         Stroke: it is no doubt that stroke and heart disease share almost the same risk factors, this condition(stroke) occurs when there is a discontinuity or when the blood that is being supplied to the brain is cut off. According to the research carried out in 2021, over 2.3 million people involved In the research found out that overweight/obesity increases the risk of stroke by 64%
  •         Type 2 diabetes: this is just a condition where your blood sugar is higher than normal, and it has equally been revealed that this kind of diabetes can lead to some health issues like nerve damage, stroke, kidney disease, heart disease vision problem, etc. however getting regular exercise and involving yourself to things that will help you burn fat can prevent or delay the onset type 2 diabetes.
  •       Sleep apnea: have you heard of a shortage of breath while sleeping??, this is just a name given to it, this is a disorder where someone momentarily stops breathing during sleep. The theory behind this is that overweight or an obsessed person and accumulates more fat around the neck region, makes the airway shrink, which causes snoring and mostly difficulty in breathing at night.
  •       Liver disease: fatty liver disease or nonalcoholic is very common with overweight people, this condition happens when excess fat is built up in the liver, this can damage the liver or even cause scar tissue known as Cirrhosis to grow.
  •         Certain cancers: obesity can still increase your risk of having some kinds of cancers which include, kidney and prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, cancer of the uterus, cervix, endometrium, etc.
  •         Pregnancy complications: the risk of complications during pregnancy is increased because pregnant women who are overweight tend to develop insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and high sugar level, some of the complications are
  •         Premature birth
  •         Miscarriage
  •         Needing a cesarean section
  •         Blood clots
  •         Stillbirth etc
  •         Depression: there is actually a very strong correlation between obesity/overweight and depressive disorder, these set of people often experience discrimination because of their large body size, which often leads to sadness and most of the time lack of self-worth

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Treatment/  tips to help you lose weight

 While some people are asking about how to lose weight without exercise, some are actually concerned about how to lose belly fat and even how to lose belly fat naturally, below are the top weight loss routine you can practice today

  •       Reduce your refined carbs intake: these foods increase blood sugar level and hunger leading to overweight and belly fat. refined carbs are that food that has been stripped of all-fiber, vitamins, and minerals like white bread, pizza, pasta, white flour, etc
  •       Drink more water: this is one of the most efficient ways to promote weight loss with mineral effort, it has been revealed that drinking more water increases the number of calories burned by 30 %
  •         Take more protein: this is because a high protein diet helps to lower your hunger/cravings, it increases the feeling of fullness and reduce high-calorie intake
  •       Keep a regular sleep schedule: getting enough sleep is very important while trying to lose weight. Having enough rest/sleep improves the likelihood of weight loss success because by then the hormone stimulating hunger is also at rest.
  •       Do more aerobic exercise: this is also known as cardio, it helps the heart to burn executive calories, so adding cardio to your normal routine can help in weight loss with a combination of a healthy diet
  • Avoid too much-processed food: it has been proven that too much intake of processed food increases the risk of being overweight especially among women because they are high in calories, sugar, and sodium and yet it lacks some essential nutrient such as primary nutrients like fiber, protein, and some micronutrients and because of this, it is advised that you limit your intake of processed food and focus more on fruits, vegetables, whole grain, legumes, etc
  •         Maintain a healthy breakfast:  eating a healthy breakfast or nutritious breakfast can either make you gain weight or be in shape. For breakfast, it is advised that you take foods that are rich in protein because it will simply decrease the hunger-promoting hormones in the body which helps to keep your appetite under control for a very long time.
  •     Avoid junk food: there is always this temptation that comes with keeping junk food around, so to avoid this temptation it is advised that you do not store junk foods, instead of taking junk foods like biscuit, crips, chocolate it is advisable to go for healthy snacks like oatcakes, fruit juice, etc.
  •       Drink enough water and take foods rich in fiber: drinking enough water will help reduce overweight because overtime people end up taking more calories while the only thing their body needs is just a glass of water, so it is good you cultivate the habit of taking enough water, also consume food rich in fiber because it will help to keep you full till the next meal.
  •         Be more active than idle: this is one of the major ways to lose weight, you can not achieve a total weight loss just by eating some particular kinds of food, so in as much as you are eating healthy, it will add to the result if you add enough exercise to it.
  •         Read food labels: you don’t just buy anything and it, cultivating the habit of reading food label will help you choose healthier options, especially using the calorie information to work on how that food fits in your weight loss plan or your daily calorie allowance.
Weight loss: How To Lose Weight Fast In Just 2 Weeks

 So finally, you have seen what weight gain is all about, the causes, implications,s and the remedies to it. If you read this write-up line by line and follow the instructions given, you will surely achieve a great result in your weight loss routine. Thank you!!!!

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