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Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

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There are many things that stand as an issue of concern in a woman’s body, vaginal discharge is actually one of those things.

Just like worrying over an irregular menstrual flow, vaginal discharge is something that every woman should carefully look into if there is any form of charge from the way it is supposed to be.

This has led to so many questions like what to eat to stop white discharge, how to get rid of smelly discharge, and so on.

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By now you should know that any slightest change on your discharge will practically affect its smell, discharge texture, color, etc

We will be talking about

Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

1)  The meaning of vaginal discharge

2)  Types of discharge

3)  Normal and abnormal discharge

4)  Type and causes of abnormal discharge

5)  Healthy vaginal discharge vs abnormal discharge

6)  Treatment and tips for vaginal health

 What is a vaginal discharge?

The way a woman’s body excretes or expels fluid and cells from the vagina is what we call vagina discharge, it is a constant presence in women who menstruate, the production of this discharge varies from woman to woman, not just that it can change in appearance and consistency, this change in appearance can be determined by many factors which includes

  •         Pregnancy
  •         Menstrual cycle
  •         Infections
  •         Hormonal imbalance etc

This discharge is composed of fluids from your uterus, cervix, and vagina, it normally starts when a girl gets her first period. vaginal discharge can actually start six months before a girl has her first period, at this time the body is seriously undergoing so many hormonal changes.

As a lady when your body releases an egg from the ovary, if you are observant you will find out that that the discharge is thicker, this can indicate the peak fertility times

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A woman’s body produces more vaginal discharge than usual during pregnancy, on that same note, as a woman ages and experiences menopause, her body produces little or no discharge, this is because there is a shift in her estrogen levels due to lack of ovulation.

Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

Vaginal dryness:

You might have heard of vaginal dryness, causes of vaginal dryness, etc, well this is actually what causes it.

 when a woman approaches a certain age, she produces little or no discharge and at this point, she experiences what is known as vaginal dryness, this dryness normally occurs during menopause, postmenopause, and perimenopause, apart from these three stages any other form of dryness is not normal.

Characteristics of a healthy vaginal discharge:

  •         It has a slight odor, but not that irritating
  •         It appears clean or white in color
  •         It normally leaves a yellowish tint on your underwear
  •         It changes in consistency depending on your  menstrual cycle

 Types of vaginal discharge

This can be of different types, they are

  •   White discharge: this type of discharge occurs during ovulation at the end of your menstrual cycle. As long as you don’t experience any form of itching, burning sensation, or odor, there is no need to worry, but if you experience any of these, it could be a sign of yeast infection. If it has a fishy odor and you experience a burning sensation while passing urine, it could be a bacterial vaginosis
  •   Brown discharge: this type of discharge is normal if it comes after or during your menstrual cycle, this is commonly known as spotting, it could also be a sign of pregnancy if a woman has unprotected sex. Spotting during pregnancy could be a sign of miscarriage and in rare cases, it could be a sign of cervical or endometrial cancer
  •    Clear and watery discharge: this type is normal, it is normally due to exercise.
  •    Stretchy discharge: just as the name implies, if the discharge is stretchy and clear (mucus-like) it is just a sign that you are ovulating and it is normal as well
  •  Yellow discharge: this kind of discharge is odorless, if there are no further symptoms,   there is no need to worry, but if there is, then it could be a sign of bacterial infection or STD
  •   Green discharge: as a lady, if you have this kind of discharge, it is advised that you see your doctor immediately.

  •   Pinky discharge: this is the kind of discharge that comes out when a woman is shedding the uterine lining after childbirth also known as lochia
Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

Normal and abnormal discharge :

If you are clearly following this write-up, I don’t think there is still any need to ask questions like what is normal vaginal discharge and when should I be concerned about discharge.

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Well, let me still hint at what causes abnormal discharge. I have listed the types of discharge and none of them causes any harm, however, you might be having an abnormal discharge only when the color, texture, and smell of your discharge appears different than usual, on that same note, a normal discharge possesses those characteristics listed above.

The four major determinants of a normal and  abnormal discharge are

1 color

2 volume

3 smell

4 consistency

 Major causes of abnormal discharge

There are many causes of abnormal discharge, but I will list just the 7 major ones, they are:

  •         Cervical cancer
  •         Birth control pills
  •         Antibiotics or steroid use
  •         Gonorrhea(STDs and STI)
  •         Pelvic infections after surgery
  •         Diabetes
  •         Yeast infections
Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

Some ladies wonder if there is actually what to eat to stop white discharge or how to get rid of smelly discharge or even medicine for smelly discharge, well, it will be of your own interest to visit a doctor immediately you notice any of those symptoms listed above in your discharge, it can only be corrected medically, and if you must take any medicine for smelly discharge, let it be strickly by doctor’s prescri[tion.

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Normal vaginal discharge vs abnormal discharge

 An abnormal discharge has the following characteristics:

  •         It looks foamy
  •         It looks like cottage cheese in color
  •         It comes with itches
  •         It appears green, grey, and pure yellow
  •         Has a strong smell of fish, yeast, and other odor
Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

A normal vaginal discharge is

  •         Clear or white in color
  •         Has a slight odor, but not strong
  •         Changes in consistency throughout the menstrual cycle
  •         Can leave a yellowish tint on your underwears

 Treatment and tips for vaginal health

 A single infection can be the cause of an abnormal discharge, however, your doctor will have to conduct one of the following text to determine the cause of the abnormal discharge, like

  •         PH tests
  •         Pap smears
  •         Physical exams
  •         Sample review

It is very possible that you have more than one infection at a time, the good news is that it is not totally uncurable, but then, whatever medication you are taking should be prescribed by a doctor.

Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

Tips for vaginal health

  •         Always change your sanitary pads when it is full
  •         Do not use scented products on your vagina
  •         Visit your doctor regularly for medical check-up
  •         Change your underwears
  •         Let your vagina breath
  •         Wash your vagina with only water
  •         Do not use chemicals on your vagina
  •         Do kegel exercise
  •         Be sexually responsible
Vaginal Discharge, When To See a Doctor !!

Final note:

Vaginal discharge is part of a woman’s life and health, the only thing you need to know is when and how to differentiate a normal vaginal discharge from the abnormal ones and apply medications immediately. As I said, the good thing is, it is not totally uncurable, this article will guild you through whatever you need to know about this singular topic. Thank you!!!


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