FEMALE: If you followed social events in the past decade or so, you would know that the world we lived in was a man’s world. As such, men controlled the turn out of events especially in this part of the world.

I’m assuming you freaked out when you saw the turnout of events, you watched disappointedly as a serious drama unfolded in the world around you. You watched as juicy opportunities were ‘reserved’ for men, on the basis that they were assumed to be stronger both physically and intellectually. Then you complained, struggled, and yearned to be let off the hook of housewifery.

“Why won’t they give us a chance?”

“We are human too!”

You raged! Your eyes are as wide as that of a panda. You wanted to be seen, heard, and acknowledged like your male counterparts.

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Then suddenly, you watched as courageous females started revolting. You watched as they undertook struggles upon struggles to break free.

That struggle was hard, that struggle took lives. It took persistence and cooperation. With collective efforts, the timeless women of our time finally broke through.

Today, we have reputable women in awe-striking offices, making us proud and upholding the dignity of the female folk. However, this does not in any way suggest that we have won the struggle or that there are no bad eggs in our midst. This is only to indicate that in the hierarchy of world changers today, women are no longer at the bottom.

Congratulations ladies!

But, if you have been very observant, you will notice that as the narrative is changing, several opportunities are emerging, because we have been severely marginalized for a long time, there seems to be a conscious move to capture opportunities and present them solely to us, women. This is why we have initiatives like The Girl Child Foundation, etc. The essence of these organizations is to segment the population and provide opportunities that would give women the platform to flaunt the goodness that has been hidden for so long.

This is the direction of this letter.

You see, it would be terrible if people fought to give us freedom and we refuse to embrace and utilize it. That would be a betrayal. Considering the struggles that preceded this victory, I wish to encourage you to make great use of the opportunities which have been presented to us.

There’s something called “Femcode Africa”. It is an initiative that seeks to raise female programmers who would code programs to reflect the society they deserve. There’s also a platform for female entrepreneurs. There’s one for businesswomen, women in medicine, commerce and industry, and a whole lot of others.

Please utilize them. “The future is female,” we say, but let not our minds be empty when the future comes. Today is the era of female empowerment, who knows what the next era would be. Let us not be left out.

No field is too tedious for you to embark. No discipline can shut it’s doors at you when you decide to utilize your feminity. No one is stopping you now, so don’t stop yourself. The door to success has been broken, dash in! Grab it all now, women, grab it all!

Don’t fight like a man, you’re female for a reason, so fight like a female and see yourself win. You are a babe and more ❤️


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