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What Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

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How to understand a man in relationship

RELATIONSHIP: Have you noticed that men always find it hard to express themselves? they are not always in tune with what they really want to say most of the time. It has been proven that women are always much more aware of what they want when it comes to relationships and in some cases, they are not even afraid to express it.

Generally, men will not always ask for what they want, because they don’t always know what they want. But then when you go ahead and give it to them even without them asking you for it, it will make them feel good and amazing, not just that, they feel appreciated and loved too.

Now listen, when it comes to how to understand men, you don’t need to read up just everything about men, why, because at the end of everything your man is just different from other men.

It actually takes a lot of psychological work to know what a guy wants in a relationship. The number one way to know what a man wants from you is simply by asking him.

What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

Like I said earlier, some of them might know what they want, but don’t know exactly how to express it, which is why the topic of this write up is “the things or what men want from women while in a relationship

Just like every other human being, men love to be taken care of, listened to, complimented, loved, etc.

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You cannot find out what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman without knowing at least 3 things a guy wants in a relationship, and for you to know these, you must find out those secret/hidden things they want from you, without directly telling you.

The topics of discussion are:

With this introduction, let’s dive in!!!!!

What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

 There are several proven ways to understand a man in a relationship, and there are also some reasons behind the way men behaves in a relationship, why they need space, why they keep an arms-length after sex, etc. the number one reason/ways we have here is

1)  Men tends to enter the realm, of emotion much later in life than women:

 If you are observant enough, you will find out that men are not socialized to show emotion from an early stage, do you know why, they believe and are thought that “ Men Don’t Cry” not just that, they are also shamed if they show too many emotions, so now you know why they tend to bury most of these things away, because of this men are not always good at recognizing their emotions talk more of how to process them.

This is why they will always withdraw/shutdown when they are stressed or when they are dealing with difficulties, at this point he completely lacks the skills on how to pick up your emotions, so you might be making a very big mistake expecting him to know what is wrong.

What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

2)  They need to feel like winners because they are competitive in nature:

Making him feel that he is a winner makes him feel like earning a very prestigious position. In a relationship, men love or want to just feel like you are dating him because he won you and not because you were just desperate and needed a boyfriend. So simply put,” always let him win” is one of the things men secretly want.

3)  They are problem solvers by nature: 

This typically explains why they don’t normally feel better by airing their feeling and getting sympathy, it will only make them feel inferior. They often give you solutions to problems, so when you want them to do more than just giving solutions, it is best you just let them know.

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It is often said that the best gift you can give to any man is clear instructions and the things he can do to make you happy, be open to tell him that you just need extra love and not the solution and this is one of the things guys secretly love but won’t tell you.

4)  Men are not scared of commitment:

It has been believed that men ate just not ready for commitment, the fact is that they are just afraid to be in a bad and unhealthy relationship, they are just afraid of being trapped inside a miserable condition, they are also scared of losing themselves in the process.

They hate to be pushed around, telling him a certain way he must act or things he must do is just a total turn-off for men in general.

In a nutshell, a man will always feel relaxed and doesn’t fear commitment when he is with a confident and independent woman. They will always have reversions when they are with women that toys with their emotions.

5)  They are not always trying to hurt you: I am not tryna justify men’s behavior on this, this is just exactly what goes on in their mind.

Like I said earlier they are not usually comfortable dealing with emotions, this doesn’t mean that they are insensitive. Most of the things women tag and see as hurt in men are just their way of not trying to hurt you, but then the hurt Is inevitable, a typical example is when a man decides to give you some space in the relationship, he not just trying to be hard on you, he is actually trying to know and figure out how best to deal with the problem at hand being a problem solver in nature, so they tend to withdraw for a while.

What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

With this let’s dive into the main thing which is

 Things men secretly want from you but will never tell you:

 This particular question or rather topics has brought so many other relationship questions from women, like what do guys look for in a woman they want to mary, what does a man adore in a woman, these are just some of the questions women often ask, and of course, you can not just get enough answers to this, you just have to find our out what your man wants and stick to it.

Some even go as far as asking what a guy wants from a woman in bed and what do guys find sexually attractive in girls. I know you will want us to talk about all of this, hold on am just gonna talk about most of them in the next write-up. So the number one thing a guy wants and won’t tell you is

  •         Compliments: do you think that any man will come straight to you and tell you to start complimenting him?? No no no !! this is just a weird thing to ask for, and it not even manly if he does that, just compliment him when he does something nice, like when he dresses fine, his physical looks, etc there are actually many things to compliment a man for.
  •         Men love it when you seek their advice:  just as they tend to love you more when you compliment them, they also feel the same way when you run to them for advice and opinion, make him feel useful, let him feel that he is valuable, let him feel that he is meaningfully adding to your life and the only way you can achieve this is by soliciting his advice and opinions.
What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

In the first paragraph, I made it clear that they are solution-oriented, on the other hand, some women misplace these two things ( solution to a problem and emotional support ).

Try as much as you can to tell him when you really want any of these two, tell him when you need his advice on a particular thing and when you need his emotional support because most of the times women get upset because all they wanted in those moments is just emotional support.       

  • Desire them: now listen up!!!, it is a very common thing with men to feel they are irresistible, let them not always be the ones to initiate the physical affection in a relationship, ladies also ask, “ what do guys find most attractive about girls, this is actually one of them, ensure to always make him feel wanted, the feeling that you are tunned on by him makes them feel desired, so sweetheart, always seduce him and flirt with him as well.
  •   Support:

    behind every successful man, there is a woman, I guess you have heard that several times, this thing called support is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a man in a relationship. Success and failure are two sides of a coin, so there is this in-built comfort when he knows that you will always be there for him no matter what.

One of the things that cripple men in a relationship is having a woman who will always feel or get disappointed with him at any slightest mistake, it makes them feel like losers and when you do the otherwise, that is, supporting and believing in him, it will just be a huge driving force for him. If you check the list of the 10 things guys want from their girlfriends, you will find out that support is one of them.

What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them
  •         Telling him what you want in a way that will not get him upset: apart from telling him what you want in a nice tone, you should also advise him with the same tone.

Simply  use something like “I really love it when you” than “ why don’t you ever” 

 Have you ever been scolded by your mom for not doing what you are not supposed to do??? How do you feel?

Now you can relate your experience to what I am saying, when you lecture your man harshly on what he is doing wrong, my dear he will just feel like a complete failure, but when you do the opposite, you will see him wanting to please you the more.

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Everything boils down to appreciation, the highest form of appreciation is appreciating him for who he is, showing or expressing genuine appreciation is not only when he does something for you, you can appreciate him for his life choices, ambitions, values qualities, etc. you go about assuming or thinking that he knows, just do it because he doesn’t.

Finally, on the secret things a men wants, appreciation is yet the highest things a man wants, it is sad that most of them are denied this, which is why I centered on it because by appreciating him, you are practically doing the other things I mentioned, keep your relationship healthy and fulfilling by doing this.


What  Men Secretly Want From Women In Relationship Without Telling Them

Thank you!!

If you have any other thing, we will appreciate you use the comment section.

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