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Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

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Does he really see a future with me?? this has actually been the question of so many ladies in a relationship, as a lady have you ever found yourself thinking about the man you are in a relationship with?? Have you ever asked yourself if he is really into you?? If he really wants a long term relationship with you or he is just dating you for dating sake??

Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

Well, so many questions have really come up concerning this, and today we are going to discuss one of the major questions ladies ask in relationship, how to know if a guy sees future with you in a relationship, things he will do to prove that and things he will never do if he sees future with you in a relationship

With the above introduction let’s move on to what we have , they are 

  • How do you know that he sees a future with you in 
  • Things that he will be doing to prove that
  • Things he will do if he does not see a future with you.

You and someone else are in a happy, loving relationship. Right now, you’re having the time of your life. “Do they see a future with me?” you could be wondering. Is there a time limit on the connection, or does it have a set end date?


It can be difficult to tell if someone you’ve been dating for a while wants to stay together for a long time or if they’re still contemplating what they want. Experts say that a few subtle indicators can indicate that your partner is devoted to being with you for a long time.

Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

Signals he wants you in his future or signs he wants to marry you are straightforward, but they might be difficult to spot if you lack patience.

If you truly care about a man, all you want him to say one day is, “Will you marry me?” and you can’t wait to be his Mrs. lol

However, there are moments when you realize that you are the only one who feels that way, while he is experiencing something completely different.

Well you never can tell, but these signs i am about to list will give you a clue if he sees or does not see a future with you, let’s keep reading 

13 signs that a man sees a future with you are

He is always part of your decision , “let do it together” is one of his slogan

There is this sense of fulfillment that is built within you when your partner always takes part in the decision-making, so this is one of those signs to know that he actually sees a future with you.

Are you afraid of giving that major presentation at work or having that serious conversation with a long-time friend? A spouse who truly wants to love you for the rest of your life will offer to assist and see if the two of you can accomplish it together.

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Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

Allowing your partner to be a true partner and have an influence on at least some of the decisions you make in your life is crucial, as much as individualism is important.

To put it another way, you’re not alone: You have faith in your significant other’s judgment and know they’ll always be there for you. Their support is a source of strength for you.

Your opinion always counts : 

It is self-evident that few males pay attention to a woman’s opinion.

There’s talk of polling them for their thoughts. So, if your man tells you anything essential, you should listen.

If he ends up asking you for your opinion, don’t waste the opportunity because it demonstrates that he values your input.

He cares about you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. So this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

He cares about your future too

He isn’t just thinking about your relationship goals when he considers the future. He is interested in what you want out of life and will assist you in achieving your objectives. This is crucial since it demonstrates that he cares about the things you care about. Only a man who is sincere about you would do something like that.

No secrets , he is just like an open book

The fact that he is open with you about everything is one of the most revealing signals that he anticipates a long-term future with you. He doesn’t have to keep you in the dark about his friends, activities, hobbies, or anything else. In fact, he enjoys telling you about his life and discussing his feelings and thoughts. Make sure you return the favor!

He is not stingy 

I’m not saying he has to take you out on expensive dates every weekend, but if he sees himself settling down with you and possibly marrying you, the amount of money he spends on you won’t even cross his mind.

Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

He’ll start seeing his money as your relationship evolves. He understands that he is also investing in his own future! If he insists on splitting things 50/50, it might be an indication that he doesn’t want to invest too much in you, but it could also be a sign that he doesn’t want to put too much in you.

He does not change the subject when you brings up the future

He doesn’t back down when you ask him about his future goals or have a serious chat about marriage. Instead, he appears genuinely interested in having the dialogue.

You’re Always invited to important events

If he invites you to everything—his cousin’s wedding, his best friend’s daughter’s birthday—attempting to integrate you into his life. Most guys do this just with someone they intend to be with for a long period.

You find yourselves talking about the future together

Your partner will begin a conversation with you about the future. You’ll establish long-term plans with him, set vacation dates with him, be his date to family and friend weddings, and be invited to spend time with his family. If he wants you to be a part of his life for the long haul, he’ll make it very easy for you to do so.

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Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

Whether you’re in school, working two jobs, or your partner is in the military, your partner will tell you about their future steps. They’ll include you in discussions about relocations, job changes, home and car purchases, and anything else they’re dealing with. They’ll also want to be informed about all of your plans. Before you take your marriage vows, you’ll operate as a powerful couple.

He loves and cherish your accomplishment 

An excellent companion joins you in celebrating your achievements. If you do better than him, make more money, or get to go places without him, he isn’t envious. He thinks you’re awesome for kicking ass in whatever field you work in. He not only appreciates your achievements at work, but he also enjoys the small victories with you. He is aware of your objectives and assists you in achieving them. He holds you accountable for your choices and wants to be there for you in both good and difficult times. Your achievements are something he can be proud of. And, while he won’t take credit for your efforts, because you’re together, he’ll feel that your achievements are equally his.

You are always part of his decision 

If he sees a future with you, he’ll include you in some important decisions he needs to make. These may include relocation plans, employment chances, or vacation options. Because he cares about you, he’ll chat with you before making any firm plans to find out what you think. He’ll advise you on the large decisions as well as the small ones. He’ll want to know about your weekly plans, weekend plans, work progress, and when you’ll be able to see each other’s families. Ideally, you’ll be discussing all of these issues at the same time. You’ll almost certainly see each other throughout the holidays, and he’ll be invited to family events. Because you’re already doing life together, you’ll be able to know if he wants to marry you.

He is always there when you needs him 

You want to marry a dependable person. You must be able to rely on them and trust that they will follow through on their promises.

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A lot of the time, this goes hand in hand with trust. If he goes out of his way to be dependable, you’ll know he’s thinking about marriage. He shows you how much he cares and how much he wants to be there for you with big and small gestures. He comes running if you need him.

He does not pretend while he is with you

What is his demeanor around you? Is he quiet and reserved? Funny? Relaxed? Himself? We understand that people behave differently depending on who they are with, but if he wants to marry you, he will feel free to be himself. He’s not afraid to be a little goofy or to say what’s on his mind. If the vulnerability is difficult for him, he attempts to be vulnerable more often than not. He isn’t embarrassed to do things around you that he would be embarrassed to do around other people.

Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

He’s still the same real person, but his barriers have softened a little. He doesn’t feel compelled to put on his finest show. He’s just being himself, which is who you fell in love within the first place.

He is fully committed to you

It’s safe to assume that if he isn’t committed to you, he isn’t interested in marrying you. Make sure your spouse wants to be with you exclusively before you contemplate whether or not they want to marry you. A dedicated partner will want to spend time with you, will make time for you, and will not be dating anyone else. If you observe your spouse glancing at other women while you’re with him, or if he vanishes regularly, or if you suspect he’s cheating, he’s probably not interested in marrying you. A dedicated individual will inform you that they are dedicated to you. They’ll tell you that you’ve been in their lives for a long time. Even if they don’t mention “marriage,” they’ll make it plain that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

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These are some of the things a man who sees a future with you will do, there are many more, but these are the major characteristics expected of a man who claims to love you. Let us look at it from the other way round, which are those things a man will do if he is not planning anything with you.

He practically refuses to talk about the future

You’ve never had a meaningful discussion about marriage or children with your partner. You don’t even make plans for dates in advance. He’ll always let you know whether he’s available at the last minute.

He does not take you out in public

It’s always in the privacy of someone’s bedroom when you hang together. He prefers to keep you hidden so that no one knows he’s in love with you.

He does not introduce you to anyone

If you happen to run into someone he knows, he will present you to them as a friend. Alternatively, he may not bother to introduce you at all.

He avoids to have serious conversation with you

He’s never informed you about his grandmother’s death or what he wants to do with his life. You just discuss little matters. Things that are unimportant.

He does not get too involved with you

He doesn’t care about your coworkers or your favorite flowers because it won’t make a difference in the long run. Why should he put out all that effort if he has no intention of staying with you?

He carefully avoids meeting your family

He may have met your parents on a late-night visit to your home, but he’s never spent the entire evening with them. He has no desire to meet them for dinner or to invite you to his home for dinner.

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Does He Really See A Future With Me, Ladies Corner!!

I can go on and on telling you how to know if he wants a future with you, and signs he doesn’t see a future with you , to know if he really want a future with you checkout those first 13 points, i purposely dropped six points on how to when a guy doesn’t see a future with you. The answers can simply be gotten from the first 13 points or let me simply put, it is simply the opposite of the first 13 points.

Thank you for reading, hope to connect with you through the comment session, if you have any questions. You can share these posts and always follow us on www.impactlife.com.ng for more updates on love/relationship, lifestyle, etc.


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