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12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

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 How To Get Her Wet: Most men believes that to getting a girl wet and making her orgasm is impossible. After all, each woman is special, and each has a distinct thing that turns them on.

Wetness happens as vaginal secretions rise, and also occurs as a result of sexual arousal. When a vaginal opening is turned on, blood supply to the vulva tissues increases, stimulating glands beside the vaginal opening to release fluid; a small volume of fluid can also come from the vaginal walls themselves.

12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

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These fluids shield fragile genital tissue from rubbing and lubricate the vaginal canal, making penetration easier. Wetness will also enhance gratification for both partners by lubricating penises, palms, pussies (or other body parts!) as they float effortlessly against the vulva.

Flirt with her

12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

When you see that you’ve gained  her  confidence, it’s time to take some bold steps.

You want to show this girl that you’re interested in her and that you’re more than just a friend, so one of the things to do is to flirt with her!!

Until you start seducing her, you should be aware that certain women need more time to recognize that you want from them.

Maybe she has any insecurity issues and doesn’t believe anyone could be hitting on her.

Maybe she likes to believe that this is happening so she doesn’t want to fall for you and get hurt, or maybe she just doesn’t understand your motives.

In any case, this is the point at which you must be very sure about the path you want your to take with her..

Instead of telling her directly that you like her (which can scare her off and is normally a huge turn off), use your body language cues to show her how much you like her.

You may not realize it, but flirting is a form of foreplay that serves as an invitation to what is to come.

Eye contact is also important. And I’m not just concerned about looking at her body.

When you’re talking, make sure you’re looking her in the eyes and never looking down.

Stare at her mouth and use suggestive innuendos to demonstrate that you want to kiss her badly.

The aim of this move is for this girl’s body to become accustomed to your presence. She should begin to think of your touch as normal and relaxed.

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Also, remember to always make her desire more. Don’t want to flirt with her all the time and with the same fervor.

It’s just a way for her to remember how much she misses your presence and know how much she loves it more than she realized.

However, continue to honor her boundaries and never do something that you see she is not really comfortable with.

Observe her reactions closely, because if you see that she isn’t pulling away from you, that she isn’t backing away as you get closer, and that she isn’t taking your hand off her when you approach her, it’s a sure sign that this girl loves being around you, and it’s a green light for you to keep flirting.

If, on the other hand, you find that you have had no input and that her body language signals

 are indicating a strong, fat ‘no,’It is time to take things slowly or give up on her entirely because you do not want the same things.

Be cautious and rational, and don’t avoid the facts simply because it is unpleasant.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

It’s time to take things slowly or give up on her completely because you don’t want the same things as she does.

Be vigilant and reasonable, and don’t ignore the truth only because they are uncomfortable.

Sleeping with someone is much more than just the sexual act for most girls, and sex has a much broader definition than you would think.

As a result, it doesn’t matter if a girl just likes you—she definitely won’t sleep with you on the first date because she wants to have more than just sexual attraction to you in order to let you get into her panties.

You must make this girl feel unique in your presence, and she must knowingly decide that you are the guy she should sleep with (besides just wanting it).

It is your responsibility to demonstrate to her that you can not exploit her and that you are not simply interested in sleeping with her. It is your duty to seduce her mind first, then her body.

And the best way to do that is to make a deeper bond with this girl; to form other forms of intimacy than sexual intimacy, to show her that she can trust you and be fully comfortable around you.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting that you pledge your undying love for her on the first date.

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Simply becoming her mate and someone she enjoys spending time with.

However, don’t let this bonding time last too long because you might easily end up in the friendzone, and if that happens, odds are you’ll never get this girl into the bedroom again.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

The next step is to instill sexual tension between the two of you. And  the best way to do this is to tease her

Contrary to popular belief, girls like being mocked in a playful manner. It heightens their sexual appetite and makes them crave ever more.

But, instead of jumping on her straight away, keep these games going for as long as you can. Lean in as if you’re trying to kiss her, then back down.

When you’re asking her something, get close to her but don’t make a move or make overt eye contact. After a moment, look down.

All of this will make a girl wet, and she’ll ask what you want from her.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

Our minds have such strength that we can not fully comprehend. It has been clinically shown that our minds can control our biology and cause such chemical reactions in our bodies. So, if you want to get her wet later, you must first make her feel extremely special.

Begin the evening with a nice dinner at a nearby scenic restaurant, or create an intimate atmosphere at home by dimming the lights and lighting a few candle lights to awaken her primitive instincts.

It is not necessary to make a promise to make her feel unique. Making her feel special in this situation is all about showing her how much you value being so close to her.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

The hands are ideally suited to providing a vulva with a range of sensations, from soft, feathery stroking to hard rubbing and deep penetration. Start outside of your partner’s panties with small, light motions, starting at the top of the labia and stroking downwards over their clit.

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One of the easiest ways to make someone wet is to use light, teasing gestures that create suspense. You can play with firmer pressure after your partner has warmed up — you can tell whether their clit gets hard and swollen, or, better yet, by asking what feels good.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

Lubing up is an excellent way to encourage wetness, especially for those who do not contain a lot of vaginal secretions and for those who do! Using a small amount of lube while pleasing your partner with your hands will help to kick-start their own natural lubrication mechanism. It may also be used as a substitute for anyone that may otherwise have difficulty getting wet. Water-based or silicon-based lubes are often a good option since their slipperiness is close to that of vaginal secretions, they do not weaken silicone condoms or gloves, and they are suitable for a wide range of skin types. Experiment to discover the lube that works well for you!


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

 Another method for increasing a girl’s sexual appetite and wetness is to whisper slowly in her ear.

For eg, whether you’re in a busy area or a loud bar, this might be the only way for you to really tell  her something, and it’s certainly a situation you can take advantage of.

This talk does not have to be gross at first. You will tell her daily things and make small talk with her before you see that she is happy seeing you this close.

Later on, you can stick with the dirty talk and tell her stuff that all girls like hearing.

You can praise her beauty or tell her what you intend to do to her.

This will make her tremble, believe me. It will cause her blood to flow, and this girl will become horny immediately


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

Your tongue will have just the right amount of friction for people with particularly sensitive vulvas who want a more delicate touch. The normal moisture in the mouth will even cause someone’s vagina to get damp. Dr. Janet Brito, a sex therapist, advises using your lips on more vulnerable body parts “If your bae allows, sucking on the nipples will encourage lubrication.” It’s also worth noting that fine, old-fashioned kissing is an excellent way to turn your lover on — many people get soaked as a result of this wonderful makeout.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

A kiss can be more powerful than a thousand sentences. If you have this right and she responds positively, you’ll be able to get ever closer.

Begin slowly to win her confidence, and make every moment matter. Pay attention to her and the shape of her mouth.

Break off your lips from time to time during longer kisses and breathe gently and deeply.

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Kissing is really important to most girls all over the world. Make the most of it by attempting to learn how to kiss.

Being sloppy in this area, particularly at the start, will result in a 0 point penalty. Even girls who enjoy a daring adventure would tend to take it slowly at first.

Remember that the trick to putting her to sleep is to be an excellent kisser! 

Don’t be shy about giving your girl a sensual massage. The majority of women will react positively. This will allow you to touch her body in different ways and see how she responds to your touch.

Start with a basic neck massage and work your way up to the body when you and she are ready. A decent massage might be the trick to getting your date wet before the sex even starts.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

Kissing has taken care of both of you at this moment. Allow your paws, fingers, and other body parts to take over and contribute to the relaxation and excitement.

You are now ready to discover and touch her other erotic zones, such as the collar, breasts, boobs, inner thighs, and so on.

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Many women have fallen to their knees as a result of a gentle kiss on the cheek. It’s a very sensual massage that most girls love, and it’s very universal.

Most girls enjoy being kissed or touched on the neck, especially behind the ears.

You could whisper some unique, passion-inspiring words to your girl as you kiss her there to get her ever more sexually aroused.

I once met a girl who virtually melted when her boyfriend kissed her neck near the jaw. I had no idea anything like this was even possible, but it is, as many women can attest.

Kissing on the collar is a perfect way to warm up before rubbing the breasts or nipples.

Most horny guys don’t care about how their breasts look, but girls can be very sensitive and self-conscious in this place.

Taking your time with the breasts can be a very satisfying experience for both you and her.

Squeeze and fondle her breast in a manner that she finds pleasurable. Don’t pinch them too tightly, or she’ll feel pressure and discomfort, which will ruin the moment.

The breasts of women are often composed of fat tissue, and the main nerves are found under the muscle. And softly brushing your fingertips over the surface of the breasts will have the desired result.

Breasts are very sensual body pieces, and fondling them properly can almost often result in an escalation in the bedroom.

Don’t hesitate to stroke and massage the nipples as you rub the breasts.

The nipples

In certain women, stimulating the nipples will result in an orgasm.

While it takes longer to reach and lasts less time than a vaginal orgasm, it can be almost as pleasurable 

Nipple play should certainly be part of your skill set if you want to excite a woman and make her wet. During foreplay, touching the nipples is particularly effective.

The inner thigh layer, which is partially obscured by the thighs, is normally marginally colder than the rest of the body.

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The skin and its muscle tissue are both softer than other components, and they are located very close to the vagina, which is the most erogenous zone in women.

Running your fingertips over a girl’s inner thighs is a very erotic act that can get her wet and aroused. You basically put your hand between her thighs, because it’s a really personal situation.

You will be able to find further places that will activate her senses with a little more observance and experimentation.

Not all women are the same, and although they can share a few pleasurable zones, they each have their own tastes.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

Observe and respond to her response when you caress her bits. You may be very excited and sexually charged at this stage, so it is critical that she really gets on board to the same levels as you.

Value the fact that it can take her longer to achieve your level of enthusiasm. Guys don’t need anything to get horny and primed, but girls are a little different.

Patience is key. Your goal is to let things flow so she can’t stop what her body wants, but don’t jump into anything until she gets there.

However, if she responds positively, you would be able to touch more delicate and private areas, as well as the most erogenous zones.


12 Tips On How To Get Her Wet: No 10 will Shock You!!

Now that you’ve learned this step-by-step guide to making a woman horny, the final trick is to prove this girl that you’re a skilled lover with plenty of sexual expertise who doesn’t doubt his ability to get her wet and who knows what he’s doing for sure.

Maintain eye contact with her regardless of what you’re doing to her or which body part you’re focusing on to increase sexual intensity.

Let her blood flow just by smiling at her, and show her that you’re self-assured and that she won’t be sorry for letting you into her pants.

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It is not something you should be concerned with if she is too dry. It just means it’s time to apply a vaginal lubricant, which will work like a charm.

Don’t worry, using lubes or sex toys doesn’t make you any less of a guy, and it sure doesn’t mean you don’t know how to get a girl hot.

In reality, it demonstrates that you have enough sexual expertise to know what she requires and how to better impress her.

Keep in mind that sex isn’t rocket science. Just trust your gut feelings, and you’ll make all the right decisions.

Thank you for reading, if there is anything you want us to add, you can drop your comment, let’s connect with you.


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