Do You Really Know What You Want In Life-Christian Dior Success Story.

You can not talk about the fashion world today without talking about this great icon Christian Dior. Indeed, knowing what you want in life is one of the major things everyone needs to discover.

Christian Dior  studied political science in school just to please his father, but deep down he knew what he wanted and the things that drive him.

It is only when you have discovered this that you can able to channel your energy and talents to the right source.  One thing about knowing who you are is that , it takes you to discover things you love doing and it takes you to work it out, nobody can do that for you.

The journey of a thousand step starts with a step, I think the first step on this journey is taking time to discover who you are and the things that drive you.

If you are able to do these, then other things will fall into the right track. Everyone has a purpose in life, seat down, think back, reflect and write down those things you love doing.

Leave your comfort zone, and work it out. The truth is, if you truly want to do something, you must find a way of doing it.

After school, Christian Dior found out that education cannot fill that space of his burning desire and passion for the things he loves doing, but he became a fulfilled man when he went back to those things that he loved doing.

Christian Dior

Today, Christian Dior is one of the most famous brands you can talk of, there is nothing like overnight success,because he had a passion for them, he saw reasons to contine striving untill Christian Dior’s brand became a reality.

Let me inspire someone again today with the story of Christian Dior, you too can build a strong brand like him.

Christian Dior was born on the 21st of January 1905 in Granville a seaside town in the north of France.

His family letter moved to the bustling city of Paris and this is where Christian would spend his youth

He was the second of five children born to Madeleine and Alexandra Dior and his father Alexandra was a highly successful fertilizer manufacturer 

It was because of this that the Dior family lived such a comfortable bourgeois life at least for some time as a boy little Christian lived in his own world.

He was amused by anything sparkling or frivolous but loved flowers and plants most He was also passionate about art and he hoped to become an architect someday, his father however had other plans for him.

Alexandra didn’t think his son would be able to make a living for himself as an artist instead, he wanted to become a diplomat.

Although it didn’t interest young Dior at all,  he even caved to his father’s wishes and in 1925 he enrolled at the prestigious Ecole des sciences politics.

His major was political science, this way he would indeed find work as a diplomat later on after his graduation in 1928 the 23-year-old Dior found his way back to the creative world.

He opened a small art gallery with his father’s money in exchange for financial support.

Christian Dior

His father’s only demanded that the family name should not appear above the gallery or be used in connection with it. 

Happy to finally be able to get into art again Christian quickly accepted and in a short time gallery was open, he sold art by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Georgia brook, Jean Cocteau, and Max Jacob but in1931 the unimaginable happened to both Christian’s mother and older brother passed away.

Due to the great depression, the father lost control of the family business for just three years, after setting the place up Christian was forced to close it again and financial troubles were looming. 

Losing his mother and brother deeply affected the young Christian and without financial help from his father he was now forced to find creative ways to make a living and make ends meet.

He sold all the stocks of the gallery but this wasn’t enough, he lost his apartment and had to sleep on a friend’s floor but his darkest days were yet to come due to his poor diet and subpar-living conditions.

Christian contracted tuberculosis and he spent a year in recovery, but Dior was a survivor, and once healed he found new ways of making money.

He started out by selling his fashion sketches for about 10 cents each and not much later he also began selling sketches of hat designs to newspapers.

Dior clearly had talent and he was offered a job as a design assistant with a swiss-born, called Robert Peugeot, Dior later said that “Robert Peugeot taught me the virtues of simplicity through which true elegance must come.

Working with Robert was Dior’s first step toward serious involvement in fashion and it opened many doors for him.

However, he would only get to explore those experiences some years later because now the second world war had begun and Dior was called up for military service by the French army, while some sources say that he served as an officer others state compulsory farm work but one thing is certain Dior didn’t stay until the very end of the war

Christian Dior

Instead, he opted out returned to Paris, and began working in house couture for Lucian Lelong.

Lucian was more a businessman than a designer but cleverly employed young talents to produce ideas which he then edited into a collection throughout the remaining years of the war.

Delong’s design house dressed the women of both Nazis and French collaborators and Dior’s ambition slowly but shortly began to sprout into his own ideas for a business.

At the end of the war millionaire, Marcel Boussac noticed that he had a factory standing idle and to keep the machines running he wanted to buy a new fashion house seeing Dior’s potential he invited him over.

He offered him the opportunity to receive a defunct fashion house called Felipe egestion but Dior refused, by now Christian was no longer interested in simply working for others and he surely wasn’t going to try and raise a failed company from the dead either.

What he wanted was to make a fresh start under his own name forget trying to revive other people’s brands.

He wanted to create his own and luckily for him Boussac agreed, the millionaire handed a large sum of money and with his financial banking, a 41-year-old Dior could now launch his true career.

That same year he opened up his very own boutique at the famous local 30 avenue montane and the Christian Dior brand was finally created.

Dior’s father died in December of that year but I guess we can assume that this time he didn’t have a problem with his son using the family name.

 In the following months, Christian began working harder than ever before and while he may have achieved a degree in political science it quickly became clear that his true education came from somewhere else.

Associating with so many of the world’s greatest artists had instilled a unique eye for fashion in him and privileged early years truly shown through during the previous two decades a pragmatic trend had taken over the entire fashion industry this trend had reached its pinnacle during the second world war when clothing was rationed but Dior had never been a fan of it.

He wasn’t interested in pragmatism, he wanted dreams and glamour and now that the war was over he felt that it was time for a change.

He wanted to re-introduce femininity and a focus on luxury and what better way to do that than by creating a collection that was unashamedly decadent spurred on by his inspiration it took less than 3 months from the brand’s creation to launch its couture collection.

Christian Dior

The big flower lover that he was, Dior named the collection corolla and the piece was truly groundbreaking at the time. The look harked back to an earlier Bella poke silhouette and it was romantic, lavish, and feminine all at the same time.

Think lifted busts, softly sloped shoulders clinched in corseted waist, and puffy long skirts with taffeta and tulle.

The garments were opulent and each dress had an average of 20 yards of fabric as you can guess this didn’t make them easy to wear.

The designs were revolutionary and the collection was a huge success, however, not everyone was pleased and one person, in particular, made some snarly remarks about Coco Chanel.

You see at that time Dior’s style was dubbed the new york, the reason for this is that his look was so different from the androgynous styles which had been all the rage until then more specifically.

In the androgynous style in which Chanel had been a pioneer, coco was the patron saint of pants and to her Dior’s pieces seem too stiff, too fussy, and most importantly too hard to breathe in.

She accused him of dragging Women back to the 19th-century ideals of femininity and she once even growled, “Dior doesn’t dress women he upholsters them”.

Of course, Dior himself saw it differently and he once said: “I think of my work as ephemeral architecture dedicated to the beauty of the female body”.

In the united state, however, many women agreed with coco and when Dior visited in the autumn of 1947 demonstrators welcome him with placards urging him to go home.

Despite the black lash in the U.S Dior persevered, by now he was already a major player in the revival of couture in France but he wanted to expand even further and this globalization went rather quickly.

One year after launching his collection, he opened his store in new york city, and when the global launch came with an expanded collection as well Dior understood that to continue his legacy he needed to provide the entire fashion experience.

Christian Dior

So like many other fashion houses he began by creating a fragrance he called Miss Dior and it served as an ode to his sister Catherine.

Later he also licensed the Dior name for accessories now Dior lovers could fully capture the new york look from head to toe by buying the clothes, jewelry, and smell.

In the following years the brand continued to flourish, Dior went on to dress the biggest stars of the time and by the mid-1950s  the house of Dior was a highly respected fashion empire.

It was also around this time that the now world-famous YVES SAINT LAURENT entered the picture, the fresh-faced 19year old initially began working as Dior’s assistant but it didn’t take long for Dior to notice his potential.

In fact, he admired the young boy’s eye for fashion so much that he wanted him to be his successor when the time would come little did anyone know that the time would come so sooner than expected.

In 1957 Dior traveled to Italy for vacation in the town of monte certain but while there he suffered his third heart attacked and died at the age of 52.

The entire fashion world felt the loss deeply and to keep the brand from veering off course Yves was given the role of artistic director.

The young talent kept Christian’s legacy and created a vision alive by using the same fabrics and proportion, but he also introduced a softer silhouette and pieces that were lighter and easier to wear.

While many collections were a hit the industry struggled to accept someone else leading the brand and when Yves was drafted into the French army in 1960 Dior’s management didn’t object to him leaving.

Following Yve’s departure Marc Bohan was appointed creative head in the late 1960s he instilled a more conservative style and brought the label’s designs back to follow more closely what Christian Dior himself had done.

He took the classic concept and brought it into the 1960s by streamlining it slightly, this gave it a more modern twist while still sticking to the Christian Dior look.

With Marc at the helm, Dior once again became the feminine brand beloved by so many and the subsequent collections were a hit.

Marc was quickly credited as the man who kept the Dior label at the forefront of fashion and women’s wear daily and even went far as to claim that he rescued the firm.

For over a decade Marc Bohan continued to build the brand making it even more internationally successful than ever before.

Stores started popping up in more cities like London, hong kong, and the Dior fashion house was catapulted to the top of the industry by the late 1970s.

Dior had created worldwide brand recognition but it had unfortunately also become a hidden asset inside a failing conglomerate called Bussac samphire.

In 1978 the Bussac group filed for bankruptcy and that also included its assets, someone was very happy with this news through Bernard Arnault the billionaire who’s currently running the LVMH empire ever since he was a young boy.

Bernard has been obsessed with Dior and the idea of buying up its parent company was music to his ears when Arnaud took the change of Dior he assumed the role of chairman, CEO, and managing director.

Over the years a slew of impressive, creative directors also added their own little twists to the brand’s looks and despite later being folded into LVMH, Dior continued to be its own impressive stand-alone brand 

Christian Dior

Today Dior is doing well, it recorded a revenue of 28.7 billion euros in the first half of 2021 and the brand can rightly be titled the epitome of the fashion industry.

The luxurious fashion house has always strived to create an enduring image of itself and it has become known for its meticulous attention to detail.

It imbues its wears with an innate sense of style no matter the season or the time of day and it doesn’t seem like that’ll change anytime soon 

This was the story of Christian Dior the revolutionary visionary who almost ended up as a diplomat just to please his father.

It took him four decades to put on a show but when his first collection finally launched the whole world took note and although he passed away over a half-century ago his Dior legacy has continued to rule the high seas of fashion ever since.

Finally, I want you to know that everyone has a purpose in life, take time, discover yourself, and turn your dream into a reality. You can be the next Christian Dior.


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