Often time, we find it so easy to focus on the flaws of our partner forgetting we have our own flaws too.

As we are by nature human, we all are filled with things that annoy others.

For some of you, the reason why you are finding it hard in your relationship is that you always watch out for what your partner is doing wrong instead of what they are doing right or improving on.

We all have in one way or another done this.

If you still do this you will find it hard to love and be happy in your relationship.

Your man might not know how to clean the house but he is very good at handling every broken appliance in the house which you can’t fix.


She might not know how to cook the Egusi soup the way you want but she knows how to get the kids up and ready for school every morning.


A relationship is more about adjusting and complementing each other. This is why you don’t need to marry someone exactly like you.

What you need is someone that can make up for your weakness and someone that your strength can cover his/her weakness. FOCUS

As a man, if you can cook that Egusi well why not do it. If as a lady your husband can’t tell the kid’s bedtime story why not do it since you are good at it.

Yes, he is the man of the house but you are more spiritually matured, why not lead the devotion while he learns from you.

You don’t always have to rub it on their face that they are flawed in an area while your strength can easily cover that up.

This is teamwork. This is what marriage and relationships are all about.

She is good in finance why not allow her to manage the family finance while you do other things.

He always forgets why not be his alarm or reminder.

It might look tough in the beginning but remember you also have your own flaws he complements.

So do well to focus on their strength, those things they are doing great in, and support them in their area of weakness, that way you will most likely enjoy a blessed relationship. FOCUS.


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