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Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

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LINDA IKEJI: When I found out that she was not born rich, I started having a different mindset.

I always read about prominent women when I was small, even up till now, because their achievements inspires me a lot to keep pushing.

Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

Most of the prominent women I have read about are either born rich( from rich backgrounds) and others have this kind of connection that will enable them to get what they want at ease.

I am not saying that they are all rich, of course, there are some that started from scratch and ended up making it as well.

Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

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There is a clear difference between someone that came from a poor background and finally made it to the top after so many years of persistence and struggles and someone that came from a wealthy background and still finds his/herself at the top. Look at the difference.

Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

It will take someone from a poor background hard work and grace to get something important, let say it will take the hard work and grace to achieve/ attain a greater height, while a person from a wealthy home will always have someone to support them in all round in order to attain that height.

Nevertheless, it takes some level of intelligence to maintain wealth, no matter your background.

Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

 When I wanted to start my blog 4 years ago, I started reading about blogs and, one of the first things I searched was the highest paid blogger in Nigeria, and boom, the name Linda Ikeji popped up, and from then I started reading about Linda Ikeji blog, and her achievements as a lady, guess what!!,? I found out a lot about her and that’s where I am today.

Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

What is the first that comes to your mind when you hear about Linda Ikeji, I guess “boss lady” lol. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. With this, you should be able to understand where I am heading.

You might be wondering why I chose Dr. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji out of all the prominent women in the world, especially in Nigeria. it is simply because she did not just work to become something today, she also impacted on the lives of many young women/ladies to become responsible as well. 

There is nothing like getting rich quick, she will always advise young ladies to be patient because they can always make it through hard work.


Dr. Linda Ikeji is a writer, a successful blogger, and an entrepreneur. she makes her cool cash by mastering the art of feeding people with the kind of news they want to hear through Linda Ikeji’s Blog and because of this, many young ladies are inspired by her success story which makes them believe they can achieve anything they want, through consistency and hard work.

So when trying to give up, when it seems that all hope is lost, just remember that some people have been through stuff like that before, even more than that. If somebody like Linda Ikeji did not give up, then you are probably not giving up. 

Who Is Linda Ikeji, Inspiration To Our Young Ladies (1)

You might be wondering what and what she has passed through and her achievements, just follow me to the next post, there, I will be unveiling Linda ikeji’s biography, her struggles, her achievements, her journey into blogging, linda ikeji net worth, awards and recognition, controversial side of Linda Ikeji and so on.

We will also talk about linda ikeji mobile blog, linda ikeji house,Linda ikeji Tv, Linda Ikeji Site


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