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Current List Of 10 High Income Skills You Can Learn In 30 Days

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The lockdown season was an eye-opener to people. A Lot of folks realize the importance of High income skills and the need to learn them.

This is because a high income skill is a recession-proof skill. Meaning that it is a skill that thrives in both good times and bad times.

For example, when there is a recession, businesses will seek ways to stay in business and keep going. When there is no recession, businesses still look for more ways to create visibility and make sales. So this means that no matter the times or season, these skills are always in hot demand.

 High Income Skills

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In this article, we are going to highlight just 10 of them.

Facebook advertising: 

This is one of the top 10 high income skills in 2021. Many businesses have leveraged Facebook as their major online location, and as such use, Facebook to generate leads, run ads and create awareness on their product or services.

This skill can be easily monetized as the demand for Facebook ad experts is always on the rise.

Direct response copywriting: 

This is simply mastering the art of writing persuasive sales copies that will convince the readers to take whatever action you wish them to take.

This skill is not as complicated as people make it seem, but you need to be extremely skillful and subtle with your words to be able to convince them.

 High Income Skills

Google ads:

This is an evergreen skill. I say it is one of the top 10 high income skills in Nigeria because;

Not a lot of business niches utilize them, even in most countries.

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There aren’t a lot of freelancers offering this service yet so if you start now and learn it, you will be able to demand huge rates for your services.

Search engine optimization: 

As long as people keep searching on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Opera, etc, there will always be a need for SEO experts, you might be asking “ who are SEO experts” don’t worry, we will address that in our next post. Examples for search engines include opera, google, yahoo, etc 

 High Income Skills

Email marketing: 

This is one of the high-income skills that can earn you a lot of money if properly learned.

This is because businesses that sell high-end products like Houses, cars, furniture, etc tend to do a lot of nurturing before closing their leads. 

So when you learn this skill, you can start pitching high-paying clients with your services immediately.

YouTube advertising:

 Do you know those ads that occasionally pop up before and during a YouTube video? 

People get paid a lot of money to set themselves up for businesses and brands. So becoming an expert in it will go a long way in earning you some real money.

Sales funnels creation: 

These are the silent heroes of the direct response marketing industry. Because many businesses and marketers are too lazy to create their own funnels, these guys can charge a whole lot for creating simple WordPress pages.

 High Income Skills

Ecommerce Product Research, Testing, and Sourcing:

This is another high income skill in 2021 Anyone who knows anything about E-commerce knows how important it is to always be aware of the products that are HOT every month.

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People who have developed a system to help you do this charge you monthly for their services and they’re deserving of every penny they’re paid.

Facebook Group Growth Hacking:

It is no longer news that Facebook groups are the best way to generate organic traffic for businesses and brands on Facebook, so people are creating communities for their businesses every day.

People who know how to manage and grow Facebook groups from scratch demand hundreds of thousands in monthly retainers from their clients.

 High Income Skills

Instagram Marketing:

This includes organic Instagram posts and paid adverts.

No doubt, there are lots of people that charge pennies for this service. But I also know of people who charge as much as 175,000 for this service. This is because they have positioned themselves as an authority in that field, and people are willing to pay any amount for experts. Though we still have an app like the Instagram post maker etc.

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