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Stretch Marks Removal Laser, A Must Read

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Hi ladies, let’s talk about stretch mark removal laser, you might be confused about what I mean by that, carefully follow this post, it is comprehensive enough. I have heard so many people complain about the long narrow lines that suddenly appear on the skin, and it has actually given a lot of women concern.

The issue of having stretch marks on our skin has been a thorn in the flesh especially in the life of female counterparts.  There is no particular age to develop stretch marks, you can even see a young having stretch marks on the breast at 16 or even below that.

Apart from having stretch marks on thighs, there are so many places stretch can actually appear, one can actually have stretch marks on buttocks, stretch marks on stomach, stretch marks on arms, etc, some have gone as far as looking for different stretch marks lotion or stretch marks removal cream, while others keep asking questions like can stretch marks go away

Stretch Marks Removal Laser

So on this particular article, we are going to be looking at,

 Yea with this introduction Let’s Dive Into what we have!!!!!

What are stretch marks or stretch marks ????

Stretch marks are simply defined as those long stripes, narrow streaks, or lines that form or develop one’s skin.

Stretch marks happen when the skin is stretched or shrinks quickly, this sudden change actually causes the elastin and collagen that helps and supports the skin to fade away or rapture, so, as the skin tends to heal, stretch marks may surface.

Stretch marks are not a gender thing, they can happen to anyone, but they tend to attack women more than men.

When the skin can no longer come back to its normal form after a period of intensive growth, stretch marks appear.

You might be asking or wondering what I mean by intensive growth, it can be due to weight gain, pregnancy, weight loss, puberty.

According to research, it has been proven that over 50 percent of women experience these scars most during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks Removal Laser

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Facts to remember:

  •         Stretch mars do not cause any serious health risk
  •         They often fade over time without treatment
  •         Puberty, pregnancy weight gain are some of the conditions that can cause stretch marks
  •         They are also called, STRIAE, STRIAE ATROPHICANS, STRIAE GRAVIDARUM, STRIAE distensae(SD)

 Although it is not dangerous or poses any health challenge to the body, it can cause problems with self-esteem and anxiety as well.


Stretch Marks Removal Laser

  Signs and symptoms of stretch marks :

If you don’t have any idea of stretch marks you might be a little bit scared when it is about to come out. Let me clear you on this before stretch marks start coming out, you will notice some changes on the skin, the skin may feel itchy and irritated, it can also appear pink and thick.

This mark gradually develops as wrinkly raised streaks, it can be reddish, brown depending on your skin color. Finally, those steaks will fade and turn flat which tends to change to a silver color.

Stretch Marks Removal Laser

 Causes of stretch marks:

It is no doubt that intensive growth and shrinkage of the skin can cause stretch marks, but then there are other factors that can cause stretch marks, they include

  •         Use of corticosteroid cream: too much of everything is bad, we all know that collagen strengthens and supports our skin, therefore prolong use of these corticosteroid creams will only decrease the collagen level of the skin which increases the risk of stretch marks.
  •         Weight gain: an increase in body size is another cause of stretch marks
  •   Pregnancy: close to 60 % of women were attacked by stretch marks on or before childbirth
  •       Puberty:  this include rapid growth and development in young people, during this stages, there are lots of changes in their body  this can lead to stretch marks on the breast and even stretch marks on thighs
  •         Some medical conditions can also be a contributing factor to stretch marks, conditions like Marfan Syndrome and Cushing syndrome can be the two major medical conditions that cause stretch marks on the skin. 

Cushing’s Syndrome: makes the body produce too much hormone which makes the skin to be fragile and also gain weight

Marfan Syndrome: this makes the skin decrease or has low tissue elasticity, which also causes stretch marks to appear.

Stretch Marks Removal Laser

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Types of stretch marks:

We have two major types of stretch marks, they are

  •         Striae Rubrae: these are pink/red stretch marks
  •         Striae Albae: these are white stretch marks these are the two major types of stretch marks, other ones include
  •   Striae Nigrae: these are black/ dark grey stretch marks that are always associated with people that are dark in complex
  •         Striae Caerulea: they are dark blue or purplish stretch marks which are applicable also to people with dark skin
  •         Striae Gravidarum: these are the types of stretch marks that appear as a result of pregnancy
  •         Striae Atrophicans: it is common with people with Cushing’s syndrome, due to excessive use of Corticosteroids or post-surgical procedure
Stretch Marks Removal Laser

Treatment and Prevention Of Stretch Marks

Research has proven that stretch marks fade over time and become unnoticeable, it cannot always be prevented, but then these steps below can help reduce the risk of having a stretch mark.

  •         Always be mindful of what you eat, eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, take a reasonable amount of vitamin c, and will help to support the skin.
  •         Watch your weight, aim for slow weight gain during pregnancy
  •         Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily
  •         Be mindful of the kind of lotion you apply to your skin
Stretch Marks Removal Laser

Stretch Mark Cream and how it works.

So many people have been asking about the best cream for stretch marks, actually, there are many recommended cram for stretch marks but the most common one is Mederma stretch mark cream and Palmer’s stretch mark cream.

You might be wondering how this cream works, it simply boosts the collagen production in the body, which in turn promotes new skin growth. These creams help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on different parts of the body.

However asking how and when to start using stretch mark cream during pregnancy or the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy is still ok, for pregnant women it is recommended that you start using the cream after childbirth and for the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy, I think it is best if you go for natural stretch mark cream.

NOTE: There are no special stretch mark cream for men, stretch mark is the same everywhere, as long as the cream removes stretch marks, men can equally use it

 Finally, you have to bear in mind that in as much as they can be unsightly, they are very common and do not pose any health risk.

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