Impactlife.com.ng, as the name implies is here basically to improve our young ladies/women.

We are no doubt in a male world, and because of that some of them(young ladies/women)now thinks that money is male, they think that all they need is a man to validate their existence, they actually restrict themselves to just graduating from school and going for youth service, they even have this fear of handling vital positions in the country and to crown it all they think and see marriage as the nearest refugee camp where they can rush/run into for their financial freedom.(so funny)


Now this is where this blog comes in, to make then think like a man and act like a women and finally to make then have a change of mindset to be that women of the 21st century that they ought to be.


We will also be touching many areas like lifestyle , relationships, love , marriage, parenting etc.

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Thank you.