7 Things We Should Always Keep Private- Brainy Dose

Actually, Brainy Dose has said it all about the things that we should always keep private, we have so many things to keep private in our life,  but in this particular post, Brainy Dose was specific with seven(7) of those things that we are to keep private.

If you go about disclosing things that are meant to be kept private in your life to others, then you are probably turning yourself into an object of caricature.

I was checking something on youtube and I stumbled on this power post by Brainy Dose about the 7 things we should always keep private, and I decided to share it here.

Many people have fallen victim and so many are still in line to make that same mistake of revealing these 7 things that are supposed to be kept private to people.

Indeed if you can keep these 7 things private, I bet you other things will be in place. I know you trust your friend so much that you can tell him/her almost everything going on in your life.

Listen, I know you trust him/her so much, but please for the sake of what tomorrow might bring, it is best if you try to keep these 7 things private.

let’s look at the 7 things that we should keep private by Brainy Dose

Your personal finances

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Indeed, if there is anything that needs to be kept secret in your life, something that does not need to go public, it is your personal finance.

Have you ever been out and overheard a person telling someone that they are completely broke or perhaps the opposite, where they flaunted on inheritance they just collected? 

Some people have it better than others, but either way personal finances are best kept private.

If you happen to earn more than your family, friends, or a co-worker they may become resentful or worse, try to take advantage of you.

Unless you’re getting married, applying for a loan, or buying a new car, your personal finances really should not be a topic of discussion

Detail of your love life 

Brainy Dose
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The intimate details of your romantic relationship are best kept between you and your partner.

Whether you are having the time of your life or experiencing an intimate problem, it is not a proper conversation to have with others.

Recounting the specifics of your love life not only gives people a visual they didn’t ask for but it also generates awkwardness between you and others plus, it invites them to give their opinions where it’s not wanted.

If anything seems out of the ordinary it’s always best to ask your physician or a sex therapist instead of discussing your intimate details with everyone you talk to.

Your next move

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In some situations, being intentional and telling what you are doing can be a form of accountability, such as when you start a new fitness program, but it’s not always in your best interest.

Whether you are planning to leave your company for a better offer, planning to start a business, or deciding to get a divorce, it’s best to keep your future plans under wraps.

If you’re in the early stage of something, keep it to yourself while things get worked out. It will help avoid unnecessary gossip. There are people who enjoy making mountains out of molehills. Let people see your life unfold without you informing them of every development.

When you tell them they might feel like it’s okay to give you an opinion and when you take too much of people’s opinions, you can end up with advice that perhaps isn’t in your best interest.

Details about your medical conditions

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Unless you’re discussing details with your doctor or insurance provider, it’s best to remain discreet about your health problems.

There is a feeling of camaraderie when you meet someone with the same condition as yours and it feels good to have someone who understands the problems that come with it.

However, it’s easy to develop a victim mentality which can make you come across as though you’re looking for others to feel sorry for you and aside from putting you in that, it also becomes rather uncomfortable for people to hear the details of an illness or disease.

Obviously, if it has a considerable impact on your day-to-day life, it’s best to share on a need-to-know basis with your employer, spouse, and family. But other than that, the details of your medical conditions are best kept private.

The problem in close relationships.

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What might be a real problem to you could quickly become gossip for others, and you definitely don’t want to give anyone that opportunity. 

No relationship is perfect. We sometimes fight with our partners, have conflicts with our partners and friends can go through rough patches, but you should watch when you’re venting when you’re vulnerable because you can end up disclosing information that you probably shouldn’t.

How would you feel if someone went and shared details about a relationship problem you’re going through. You would likely feel awkward, uncomfortable, and perhaps even embarrassed. So why put somebody else in that position.

Your relationship and the problems that come with should be a personal issue, don’t go and put yourself up as an object of mockery.

Anything confidential

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Have you ever trusted someone with a secret only for them to go and blurt it out? It’s never okay to betray a person’s trust like that so it goes without saying that you shouldn’t.

Even if you think it’s okay to share something with your best friend or spouse, not everything needs to be discussed.

Especially when it concerns a third party and doesn’t affect either of you similarly, if you signed an NDA or were told you legally can’t discuss something, you shouldn’t reveal it to anybody no matter how close they are to you.

By doing so, you put all concerned parties in an uncomfortable position and in some cases in a messy situation. And there’s no going back after that so if you’re made a promise to keep something confidential do it.

Personal therapist session

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More and more people discuss or post on social media about advice given by the therapist. This certainly signals a shift in our perception of mental health.

We’re more open and honest about seeking help and conversations around depression, anxiety and other mental health issues have become more optimistic. That said, therapy is something incredibly private.

It requires you to dig deep within yourself to find hard truths and the root of your problems, there is really no need to disclose your most personal issues to everyone. 

Sometimes you might bring up a topic that is triggering to someone, other times, you might burden them with your problems when they have their own issues.

Besides, doing so is not only impolite, it also comes across as selfish. While it’s nice to have supportive people in your life who understand what you’re going through, it doesn’t mean they have to know every detail about everything.

This is why you would see a therapist in the first place while generally speaking these topics are best left off-limits in your conversation there are exceptions.

Suppose you have certain allergies or are prone to epileptic attacks. In that case, it is best if people are aware so that they can take precautions.

If you have difficulties paying your rent, it is okay to reach out to family and ask for help and if you suffer abuse from a partner you should definitely seek help don’t stay silent in a situation where your health or safety might be at risk. 

In some cases getting the right help and having the support of friends and family is way more important than keeping things private.

Finally, there are many things to keep private, but if you can be able to keep these 7 things private in your life, then other ones will be in check