38 Special Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress was paid for with coupons 

The death of this British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth simply showed that we are going to die someday.

You might not be a queen or a king, but the lives that you have touched are what you will be remembered for when you are gone.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and while some have greatness entrusted upon them, most of us are still on the road to achieving our greatness.

True champions understand that if you are going to be a lion, you got to know what it means to go through the jungle.

Though she achieved greatness, it took extra effort and intelligence to control the things that were passed down to her.

Nobody is making it out of here alive, we are all gonna die, live your life to the fullest, invest in people, and build your legacy.

Queen Elizabeth

Legacy is the only thing that continues being alive when you are gone, it is true that Queen Elizabeth is gone, but her legacy lives on.

I have always listened to her Christmas speeches since I was small, all I saw was a woman full of wisdom and a heart for humanity. It was indeed a life well lived according to purpose.

Everybody has their purpose in life, the most important thing is to discover who you really are, and take time to find out the purpose of your existence.

Quit living the life of other people, how long will you sing the lord’s song in a strange land, it is time to find out who you are and redirect your course.

Perhaps you are struggling because you are on the wrong track.

Let’s refresh our minds on these 38 special things about the late Queen Elizebeth II

She travels with her own blood Pact the Queen’s Medical 

A practitioner is always among the people accompanying her on her trip the doctor has to be responsible for knowing the location of all the nearby Hospitals in the cities they visit.

The Queen also has to carry a bulky medical bag containing emergency medicine and a mobile defibrillator along with that the doctor also has Queen Elizabeth’s personal pack of blood which will be used for transfusion if necessary no.

She prohibits open windows.

Of course, not all of them, just certain ones in Buckingham Palace, the reason behind this is to ensure the building looks perfect from the outside.

Opening the window from the front side can ruin the view which is why the windows can only be open in a certain hour.

She hates ice cubes

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen actually hate the sound of ice cube inside her glass at the same time she happens to find the sound of ice balls a bit more musical which is what she used to cool her drinks.

It is said that prince Philip was the one who invented that special machine that makes the kind of spiritual eyes his wife like.

She carries a potable hook in her bag

You won’t find regular things like money or a wallet in the Queen’s bag but you will definitely find one strange object in there “a hook”

The Queen attaches this hook under the table to hang her bag on, this is incredibly important because she sends signals to a servant with the help of her bag, for example, if the bag is on the floor it signifies that the Queen wants to leave, but the bag just hanging on the hook means nothing and the queen feels more comfortable this way.

She doesn’t like beards or bow tie

Do you find beards and mustaches to be MAERSK line, well the queen happens to find them rather irritating.

This is why all the men from her close circle has to be clean shaven, the only exception has been her favourite grandson, Prince Harry, even though she has tried to change that the Queen isn’t too fond of waistcoats and bow ties either though not all of them but just a fake both ties that she can’t detect in seconds

She has numbers for all her outfits 

Queen Elizabeth

Each outfit that the Queen wears has a number and a certain record in a special journal that says where and when she wore this outfit.

Since the Queen prefers  bright colors and a very special classic style in her clothing the outfits can be easily mixed up and it is improper for the Queen to show up in the same outfit or in the same color 2 times in a row

She never eats potatoes and soups.

Of course, these dishes are served very often at Buckingham Palace but when the Queen has dinner alone no one would ever dare to bring her soup as for potatoes she just prefers to avoid starch in her diet.

She loves raspberries but will not eat them in public. 

Wraps berries happen to be one of the Queen’s favorite berries but she cannot eat them in public as the seeds tend to get stuck in her teeth which is unacceptable even blackberries are prohibited at official receptions, for tomatoes and cucumbers all the seeds are removed beforehand.

She has a special servant that breaks her shoes.

A special female servant with the exact same shoe size as the Queen breaks her new shoes in for her every single time although Elizabeth the second has always preferred similar shows of the same brand for many years she still wouldn’t want to experience discomfort that new shoes usually brings

She drinks a glass of champagne every night 

The Queen has a rather strict regimen for her alcohol intake, she reportedly takes a Dubonnet and gin before lunch with a slice of lemon and plenty of ice wine with her lunch and finally a dry Martini and a glass of champagne in the evening

She and her sister partied incognito on the streets of London.

Elizabeth and Margaret received their parent’s permission to join the huge crowds celebrating the end of WWII on May 8th, 1945.

The Queen even record this evening as one of the most memorable ones in her life Elizabeth and Margaret’s escapade had even been dramatized in a film known as a Royal night out

No 1:Queen Elizabeth was the longest British Monarch to have reigned.

Queen Elizabeth

Crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 2nd, 1953 at the age of 25 on September 9th, 2015 Elizabeth overtook her great-great-grandmother Victoria to become the longest British monarch to have reigned 

With her tenure currently standing at over 65 years, amazingly this puts her as only number 43 on the list of the world’s longest reigning monarchs. although she was the longest present to have reigned  topping the list with a reign of 82 years is King Seb Musa of Switzerland

No 2: Queen Elizabeth Had 2 Nicknames.

Queen Elizabeth

Though we humble civilians wouldn’t dream of calling her anything other than “your majesty” the Queen actually had two nicknames that have been used for many many years.

As a child, her parents and other Close family members knew her as Lily bet, a sweet variation of Elizabeth and something you might have picked up on in the movie the King’s Speech,

However, one name you may not be so familiar with was the pet name that her husband the Duke of Edinburgh has for her, to us she’s Queen Elizabeth the second but to Prince Philip, she is “cabbage”.

No 3: Queen Elizabeth was the first British Monarch to have celebrated a diamond wedding  anniversary 

Queen Elizabeth

It is a little-known fact that the young lily bet actually wanted to get married to Prince William when she was just 17 but her parents persuaded her to wait until she was 21 because they were worried that she was too young for the next big step in her life.

At that time the Duke of Edinburgh’s first formal request for marriage came when she was only a teenager, but being the perfect Gentleman that he was he waited four more years to take her hand in marriage.

They have been happily married, their marriage was filled with a wedding ring of Welsh gold all royal wedding ring since 1923 have been made from this precious metal

No 4: As the Queen of England She enjoyed all sorts of privileges. 

Queen Elizabeth

Being a head of state certainly has its perks, the Queen had two birthdays, and her actual birthday is April 21st, but her official birthday is celebrated in June.

Among her other privileges was being able to drive without a license and travel without a passport. Queen Elizabeth Windsor was exempted from income tax but she has been paying it voluntarily since 1992

she also cannot be arrested and his attempts from freedom of information request and among her strangest rights were that she owns all the mute swans on the River Thames and the whales’ dolphins and surgeons in British waters.

No 5: she is worth half a billion dollars 

Queen Elizabeth

It was estimated that Queen Elizabeth had a personal net worth of approximately 550 million dollars, this comes from multiple properties held across the country including Balmoral Castle in Scotland, fruit farms, stud farms, and Marineland.

Being royalty, the Queen also possed a lot of valuable art and Fine Jewellery including a collection of Faberge.

However many of the Iconic associations of the Queen Buckingham Palace for example are not actually owned by the royal family instead belonging to the state

No 6: The Windsor family wealth is thirty billion dollars 

Queen Elizabeth

When you combine, the personal fortune of all members of the Windsor family represents what is known as the Crown’s Estate, it is estimated to be 30 billion dollars, this includes all the Queen’s children, their spouses and children, and also the top rank of the British royal house including cousins, nephews, and nieces of Elizabeth the second.

No 7: The Royal family contributes an estimated fifty-eight billion to the UK economy. 

Queen Elizabeth

This figure quoted by Brand Finance in February 2017 is an improbable figure as it is made up of tangible and intangible assets such as Goodwill and tourism generation.

The company values tangible assets at 26 billion dollars it estimates the long-term value to the British economy the intangible assets at 32 billion dollars

No 8: The Queen is paid by the sovereign rent.

Queen Elizabeth

Although massively wealthy in her own right, the Queen was effectively paid for her role as the British monarch, and the royal family is financed mainly by the hereditary revenues of the Crown.

Prior to 2011, the official expenditure obvious new members of the family were paid for by the civil list which awarded an annual amount.

The civil list was replaced in 2011 by an act of Parliament which introduced the sovereign Grant, the Grant only covers a portion of the total cost of running the monarchy which is an estimated 375 million dollars a year, the British monarchy is the most expensive in Europe.

No 9: Queen Elizabeth owns a stable of prize-winning racehorses.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s love and affection for everything horse related is no secret, at 90 years old she still liked to go riding.

You can also spot Her Majesty at multiple horse racing events across the UK throughout the year although it is said that she never place a bet, the same cannot be said for her late mother.

The queen’s mother however as it was widely known loved to spend a little of a fortune on the favored pastime she shared with her daughter, except for special events like Royal Ascot.

The Queen attends meets where her own horses were entered and enjoy their success.

The Racing Post reports that for the seasons of 2013 to 2017,166 of the Queen’s entrance, 84 were winners bringing in the total prize money of 2.2 million dollars

No 10: She has a Rolls Royce limousine.

Queen Elizabeth

There is absolutely no question that the Queen was to travel in style wherever she went, the Queen had a longtime association with Rolls Royce.

Owning 2 specifically modified phantom vist were used to drive her through special historic occasions like the silver jubilee in 1977

No 11: The world’s most expensive brooch Was in Queen Elizabeth’s ownership. 

Queen Elizabeth

Known effective as granite chips, the brooch is worth 62 million dollars, it is called granny cheap because it is made from types of the famous Cullinan diamond.

This diamond was found in South Africa and presented to Edward the 7TH, in 1905 it was cut into various stones with two being sent into a brooch for Queen Mary.

One stone is in a 94.4-carat pear shape and the other insists a 63.3-carat cushion shape, Queen Elizabeth inherited the brooch in 1953

No 12:  When she needs cash, she withdrew it from her personal cash machine.

Queen Elizabeth

It is generally known that in rarely carries cash however when the occasion calls for it she’s able to withdraw money from a cash machine installed in Buckingham Palace courtesy of Koontz bank who have been in some way the bankers to the British crown since 1704.

No 13: The Queen had traveled more than 40 hundred thousand miles on an official engagement. 

Queen Elizabeth

90 years Queen Elizabeth the second visited more than 128 countries and made a total of 271 official trips including the 78th state visit of the 128 countries, Canada is the most visited with 27 trips followed by Australia as 18times

No 14: The Queen traveled in style. 

Queen Elizabeth

Naturally traveling so far and so often requires comfort and luxury and the Queen had a number of options at her disposal, many of the official tours were undertaken on the Royal Yacht Britannia. the luxury liner went into service in April 1953 and took the Queen around the world until December 1997

When it was decommissioned for flying, the Queen has in the past used both commercial flights always British Airways and chatted Royal Jet.

However, she no longer takes scheduled flights, and for train travel, although it is called the Royal train it is in fact a series of special carriages which can be hooked up to the locomotive of the train company on whose network the royals are traveling

No 15: Queen Elizabeth Has posed for more than 150 official portraits. 

Queen Elizabeth

As a British monarch, Queen Elizabeth’s picture is seen by millions every day as her head is featured on all UK banknotes and all UK stamps.

There is also an infinite number of photographs featuring the Queen and anyone can create artwork using her image.

However there is a finit number of official portraits that are specially commissioned, they might mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or royal birth, or they might be commissioned by an organization with whom the Queen had a long-standing Association.

The last official portrait world commission on behalf of the British Red Cross For Whom she has patron for 63 years

No 16: She was a Morden Monarch 

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth the second definition of modernity began all the way back in 1976 when she became the first member of the British Royal family to send an email.

Since then she’s continued to stay in touch with her younger subjects through her Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter account.

Being the busy woman that she is Queen really has time to managed-account herself so that actually falls to her social media team however whenever one of these is a tweet assigned to Elizabeth, it was personally typed by Queen Elizabeth the second.  Her Majesty is so hit that she even text her grandchildren from time to time when she was alive.

NO 17: Her wedding dress was paid for with coupons 

Queen Elizabeth

In the year 1947, England was still recovering from the devastation of World War 2 and everyone including the future Queen of England was doing their part to get the country back on its feet.

Despite having served a considerable amount of her own clothing ration coupons to pay for a wedding dress, princess Elizabeth still found herself scrambling to cover the bills.

Though women from across the country found it in their Hearts to donate their own rations, she wasn’t able to use this, instead, she relied on the extra coupons, the government allowed Elizabeth to walk down the aisle in a Norman Hartnell design pearl-encrusted gown of her dreams.

No 18: She spoke French 

Queen Elizabeth

As an heir to the throne, Elizabeth was schooled in many important disciplines, she received first-rate Education from people like Henry Martin vice Provost of Eton College who taught her constitutional history.

Moreover, the Archbishop of Canterbury educated her how about religion and a number of people taught her how to speak French fluently.

No 19: She hosted the first women-only event in the history of Buckingham Palace 

Queen Elizabeth

On March 11 2004 the Queen hosted the first ladies-only events in the history and lengthy history in Buckingham Palace, a building that’s been around since the early 18th century.

 It was a star-studded affair with everyone from JK Rowling and Emma Thompson to the Duchess of Gloucester in attendance.

The event was meant to salute women of achievement who have Risen to the top of their respective fields, she also recognized women like Cherie Blair who despite her considerable work in the field of employment and discrimination law was often described simply as the prime Minister’s wife

No 20: She was the first British Monarch to visit China.

Queen Elizabeth

On October 12th, 1986 Queen Elizabeth the second become the first British Monarch to step foot on Chinese soil.

The seven-day tour featured the Queen visiting some of the country’s most renowned landmarks from the Great War to the terracotta army in china. 

China and Britain had been in use two years earlier when the latter had agreed to return Hong Kong to the Chinese in accordance with a 99-year lease signed back in 1898 the Queen’s trip was thus used to further establish a relationship between these two countries

No 21: She used her purse to send messages to her staff. 

Queen Elizabeth

Imagine you are the Queen and Want to tell one of your bodyguards that the person you are currently conversing with is a total bore and you’d like nothing more than to escape the conversation as quickly as possible how would you do it?

Well if you were Elizabeth the second you would use your purse apparently, the position of the accessory is used to indicate a number of different things from the aforementioned desire to leave a dull conversation to her yearning to depart a particular location, too Sweet, of course now that the information is public knowledge, one has to wonder whether or not she’s opted for a new signal Sharing tactic

No 22: She drove without a license 

Queen Elizabeth

Not only was Queen Elizabeth the second the only person in Britain who was allowed to drive without a license she was also the only person who is able to drive a car without a license plate.

She learned driving all the way back in 1945. Elizabeth trained as a mechanic and ambulance driver during world war ii

No 23: She was the only female royalty to have joined the army

Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth was appointed to the auxiliary territorial service, the female branch of the British army in 1945.

This made her the first female royal to join the military during her time as an enlisted woman Elizebeth trained as a mechanic and a driver and rose to the rank of honorary junior commander 

she may not have seen any action but a willingness to get her hands dirty speaks volumes about her character

No 24: She doesn’t have a passport

Queen Elizabeth

It stands to reason that if you are the queen of the united kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, you can be afforded certain luxuries.

In the case of Queen Elizabeth the second, this means not having to carry your passport when you travel.

The reason for this lapse in international bureaucracy is because quote a British passport is issued in the name of her majesty and as such, it is unnecessary for the queen to possess one.

.No 25: She was not born in a palace

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II was not born in a palace; rather, she was born on April 21, 1926, in a townhouse in London that belonged to her Scottish maternal grandparents, the Earl and Countess of Strathmore. 

Queen Elizabeth was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, the future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), and the eldest granddaughter of King George V.

No 26: She was homeschooled

Queen Elizabeth

Together with Princess Margaret, her only sibling, who was born in 1930, Queen Elizabeth II had her education at home. 

The two princesses were schooled under the guidance of their mother and Marion Crawford, their governess. Lessons focused on history, language, literature, and music were given to them.

No 27: She was in Kenya when her father died

Queen Elizabeth

When her father King George VI passed away in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip were in Kenya. While alone with his wife on a vacation to Kenya, Philip informed her of King George VI’s passing.10 fAC.

Which of these facts about Queen Elizabeth surprised you the most???

Drop your comments and opinions for us in the comment section.

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