15 Secret Habits Of Smart People

Have you really asked yourself the things smart people have in common or have you not noticed that they have their own way of living?,a lot of people think of intelligence as something that people are similarly born with it.

The things smart people have in common is there dedicated to a lifestyle that supports and protects their mental health 

Intelligence is quite different from being smart, and this is why it looks as if smartness is associated with a particular set of people.

However, you too can be a very smart person, it is not restricted to any gender or to any set of people.

It all boils down to the things we do, every smart person you see out there possesses 5 or 6 of these habits we are going to list here.

It is not rocket science, you can even be smarter than they are by simply practicing these 15 habits of smart people that we are going to talk about in this post.

The ball is on your court, do these and be super smart or remain stupid forever.

No 1: Ask Question 

Smart People

A German philosopher Hans George once said “knowledge can only be with those who have questions.

Most people don’t ask questions because they feel like they will look stupid but they couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Learning requires asking questions and finding answers, as kids the depth of our curiosity has no boundaries everything around us piques our interest, why is the sky blue, why do cats meow and consequently if you don’t understand anything or are unsure about something don’t be afraid to ask about it.

How can you actually understand things around you without asking questions? It is very necessary to ask questions irrespective of what people will think

No 2: Read across genres

Smart People

The brain is a very powerful tool and reading is the mental exercise it needs to be in tip-top shape.

We have instant access to almost all the written books created by humans, thanks to smartphones, tablets e-readers, and of course the internet, however, we often waste time doing amazing videos of cats and dogs on Facebook.

So just mindlessly scrolling through a news feed is undoubtedly a way to unwind and feel more cheerful but it’s not realistic or healthy to use all your free time doing this.

However, reading often can not only help you stay informed and teach your brain to function well, but it will also help you to continuously learn new things the best option are books instructional, periodicals and lengthy articles, and websites.

Maintain your own reading routine even if it just involves reading a portion of a chapter each day, your intellect will grow over time.

No 3: Hang out with smart people 

Smart People

Show me your friends and I will tell you what you will become, so we don’t even know that the people we hang out with, influence our overall productivity.

Friends can teach you new skills and keep your mind active, our surroundings shape our values, belief, and the way we think, and spending time with intellectuals will constantly help to feed your brain because with smart people there’s always something to discuss and there’s always something to learn from them.

Your friends don’t have to be smarter than you, the important thing is they always have interesting things to discuss and In whatever field they work intellectuals already know how to feed their brains so spending time with them is very beneficial in order to adopt not only knowledge but also learning style.

No 4: Take time to think.

Smart People

If you are easily distracted from one thing to another or do not properly understand the true essence of the information received, the habit of thinking pauses to reflect on what you have learned.

It is highly beneficial and is in fact an important part of the learning process. When you take time to think you get to consider all the factors that might directly or indirectly have a connection to whatever you are doing.

You get to plan three to five steps ahead and will seldom be caught lacking, the same goes for conversations, smart people listen more and talk less and they managed to get a lot done with fewer words.

No 5: Exercise frequently 

Smart People

Don’t overlook exercise and its effect on our smartness, the brain, and the body constantly cooperate together with our overall energy and physical health has a direct impact on the quality of our thoughts.

As you grow, cognitively keep in mind that you should also grow physically since the two are intertwined.

Physical exercise also instills discipline which is advantageous for the efficient growth of positive habits and new information.

Try as much as possible to make time for at least one form of exercise, you can sign up for your local gym and get some running shoes for a few miles run or simply practice yoga or other home workouts anything works just move your body more.

No 6: Prioritize eating healthy.

Smart People

You must be familiar with this prevailing notion that glucose is the ideal fuel for the brain but a balanced diet that would need vitamins and minerals is the best fuel you can get to power your thought engine the optimum diet for enhancing brain performance includes enough protein, moderate amounts of carbohydrates, and enough healthy fats.

Therefore, whole grains, lean meat, nuts fish, and dairy products should be on your dining table and it’s also a good idea to adopt the habit of eating just enough to be satisfied and avoid junk food as much as you can as it will tire you out and in the long run, can cause some health complications.

No 7: Keeping a diary 

Smart People

It has been proven in group studies that a few minutes spent reflecting on the events and thoughts of the day in writing increases brainpower.

Nothing motivates and helps you become smarter like personal experience and your own achievements, take a few minutes each evening to write down your thoughts and insights of the day,  with these you will have the opportunity to analyze the ideas that come to your thought 

There is an added advantage that writing frequently Makes You Smarter  by expanding your language and communication skills since keeping a diary is a language practice activity and learning new terms and expanding your vocabulary will increase your IQ

No 8: Do something new even if you think it won’t work.

Smart People

Practice makes perfect, smart people are not really scared of failure,  they understand the universal tools that without practice nothing can be truly learned and so they are up for the challenge.

It’s impossible to learn a new equation if you don’t attempt questions on it and so is learning to play the guitar, you don’t try those cords yourself, sometimes outstanding and even spectacular successes are the results of something that frighten us tremendously

No 9: Apply and share new knowledge. 

Smart People

If you don’t intend to use what you learn there’s no use in studying it,  smart people always make use of their acquired knowledge not because it will help them to succeed but rather because sharing their intellectual resources makes them more valuable.

Have you read a book and discussed it with people who have also read it, the best technique to enforce and comprehend the subject matter is to share new information and Concepts.

You will learn more during a such discussion about the work itself as well as the lessons other people have discovered.

It doesn’t matter who you share your thoughts with, family, friends co-workers, members of a social network group, or topical forum because the act of sharing knowledge itself is what enriches your understanding and helps you to draw out more informed conclusions.

No 10: Be selective of what you put your effort in

Smart People

Smart people tend to have few friends but they make up for the lack of numbers with deep and genuine friendships, those with whom you spend time including your loved ones reflect your personal identity and need to guide you towards understanding yourself and the world around you.

Beyond friendship, when you are careful of what you give your attention to you will be able to work optimally without unnecessary distractions.

smart people find it easy to get their priorities in order think of a mental checklist, it’s far easier to follow the next agenda on your list than to juggle every plan you have at once

No 11: Take short breaks at work

Smart People

In the era of total digitalization, our brain is literally born out of the bombardment of information, being in touch with what’s happening isn’t always a good thing that’s why even a short vacation is sometimes needed to stay creative and stave off cognitive burnout.

After working for several hours for weeks or months and due to the absence of courses and moments of mental calmness, we begin to think superficially and automatically the same goes for reading you will assimilate better when you take breaks after a few hours of reading in this free time you can enjoy a short walk, meditate, exercise or do some chores around the house just give yourself a mental time out

No 12: Learn how to be organized 


If only you know the importance of being organized both at home and at your workplace then you will cultivate the habit of totally being organized.

Arrange your stuff, differentiate and prioritize things for accessibility, this will practically help you become super smart in all you do

No 13: Study other people’s behavior patterns


Smart people tend to be understanding in their own way and consider things like their colleague’s motivation,  the perspective of the project, and the level of help they require to try to understand the situations of people around them.

It will take strong intellectual effort but in the long run, you will have better social skills and be able to make the right decisions especially when other people are involved 

No 14: Be actively observant


so you can see everything around you do you really pay attention, many of us watch the world or basically focus primarily on the things that immediately affect us but instead, spend a few minutes every day examining our surroundings critically examining the normal everyday interactions that take place in your environment on a global interpersonal and societal level.

This should be normal for everyone but given the circumstances of our times this is a useful practice that is a little bit unpopular when you turn your attention outside of yourself and actively pay attention to details you will be surprised by what you discover about your surroundings 

No 15: Sleep wherever you need to


According to studies giving our bodies, more downtime helps our brains function better in terms of memory, attention, and focus.

It was also found that those who normally stay up late and get up early had worse attention levels than their peers that slept longer.

The brain processes information from the previous day as you sleep, having enough rest strengthens memory and removes amyloid and tau proteins linked to plaque formation in Alzheimer’s disease 

Although there is no set length of time that everyone should sleep, different individuals need varying amounts of sleep, your main priority should be to rest whenever your body needs it. 

Habit requires minimal consciousness to be carried out so you need to take these habits seriously. , some of these actions might seem kind of strange at first consistent practice will make them a part of you.

If you constantly practice these 15 habits every day, you will be shocked at the transformation of yourself that you will be getting.