10 Things Highly Intelligent People Do Differently: Brainy Dose

I have been opportune to spend some time with highly intelligent people, honestly, the characteristics they exhibit are not different from what Brainy Dose has listed in this post.

Intelligence is one of the many things that distinguish a person from others. and while our society tends to admire intelligence, not everyone understands its aspects.

You see, there are certain habits, qualities, and characteristics that highly intelligent people seem to have in common. 

These individuals have a unique perspective of the world they think and behave according to a different set of values and standards.

To give you a better understanding Brainy Dose has taken the time to summarise those things intelligent people do into 10 points. They are:

They practice self-Reflection and self-improvement

 Intelligent People

You cannot see an intelligent person that is not fully aware of who he/she truly is. You might be asking what self-reflection is.

Self-reflection is simply the process of carefully meditating, evaluating, and giving serious thought to one’s behavior, attitude, and desires.

It allows you to analyze your life from a macro level to a micro level, while doing this,  you will not just be fully aware of whom you are, you can as well find out some of your core values.

Self-awareness is a common characteristic of the highly intelligent. they’re keenly aware of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors both positive and negative.

Moreover, they understand the impact that these things have on their lives and careers, they also recognize their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on what they’re good at while minimizing the effects of things they’re not so good at 

In addition to being aware of themselves, highly intelligent people make it a point to learn about other people (their personalities, behavior, etc.) to interact more effectively.

That is why you see them flow with virtually anybody that comes their way, because, on their journey of self-reflection, they have taken time to master the act of interacting with people.

They are driven by curiosity


Another common trait among highly intelligent people is curiosity. They are driven by a desire to understand, learn, and grow.

They don’t expect to have all the right answers or believe that one way of thinking is the right way for everyone.

Instead of stopping at just gathering information or solving a problem quickly, these folks tend to keep digging until they find the root cause or underlying issue behind it all. 

They understand that life (and even their careers) are never static; instead, they evolve over time as they learn new things about themselves and those around them.

Curiosity is one of the reasons behind everything they do, they are always curious to learn about everything.

They might have their own area of specialization in life, but their curiosity to learn other things makes them have versatile knowledge, hence they can hold intelligent conversations and give solutions to several problems.

They listen before even thinking about what to say

 Intelligent People

Highly intelligent people know that one of the most critical parts of effective communication is the ability and willingness to understand the point of view of others.

This means that they don’t try to prove their intelligence by dominating the conversation and turning it into a debate even if they end up correcting someone regarding things that are factual. 

Whatever the situation, highly intelligent individuals tend to listen carefully before contributing their own thoughts or opinions.

Effective communication is not just knowing how to pass the message across to the audience, it involves effective listening too.

You cannot see an intelligent person talk recklessly, he/she will always pay rapt attention to the communicator and understand the theme of the conversation before saying anything.

They are not afraid to disagree with the majority


Intelligent people know that it’s important to stand up for what you believe in and they’re not afraid to disagree with the majority.

While open-minded; they are not easily swayed by other people’s opinions because they question everything.

This can make them appear stubborn or difficult to get along with, but it also means that when they speak their mind- they speak from a place of confidence and conviction.

An intelligent person will make decisions based on facts and their own critical thinking, rather than following the crowd even if they make an unpopular choice.

You cannot easily push an intelligent person around with your opinion, because he/she will always evaluate that opinion, and compare the advantages and disadvantages that will come out of it before deciding what to do.

That is to say that he/she will always stand up for what is right not what the majority thinks is right.

They seek intellectual stimulation

 Intelligent People

Highly intelligent people are always looking for new ways to stimulate their minds, they love learning and expanding their knowledge from books to courses, lectures, podcasts, or documentaries. 

They also find ways to learn from others by asking questions and engaging in conversations with those who have different perspectives from their own.

This helps them gain new insights into subjects that interest them. learning is a lifelong process for the highly intelligent, and they prioritize it.

They constantly seek out new information and challenge themselves with mental activities that keep their mind sharp and agile. 

They are interested in the deeper meaning of things 


Highly intelligent people tend to look at the border significance of ideas and information, they take things they have observed and apply them to what they know, creating new conclusions and ideas.

This abstract way of thinking is why so many of them can see geniuses recognize patterns and connections in everything around them, and draw conclusions that other people may not think of.

They are open about their mistakes.

 Intelligent People

Highly intelligent people are willing to admit when they are wrong, they know that taking responsibility will help them learn from their mistakes and help them make better decisions in the future.

These folks take responsibility for their actions, they don’t blame others for their problems and accept that things don’t always work out as planned. 

They also realized that sometimes the best way to learn is from someone’s mistakes. Nobody is above mistakes, being intelligent does not make you live a mistake-free life automatically.

When you see an intelligent person, he/she will always admit when he s wrong and accept corrections immediately.

They always set and pursue goals.


Highly intelligent people have goals and they set out to achieve them every day. they know what they want and are confident about their ability to get it. 

This confidence drives them forward, helping them stay focused on the task at hand and ensuring they remain persistent when obstacles arise. 

Intelligent people know that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything; we all have to work for our own success in life.

Setting goals is one thing, achieving them is another thing, intelligent people don,t just set goals they go extra mile to achieve their goals.

That is why they always succeed in every field they find themselves in.

They use their time wisely 

 Intelligent People

highly intelligent people don’t fret about things they can’t control or things that don’t matter much, they’re laser-focused on what matters most and use their time wisely on those things.

This means that they know how to prioritize their tasks for maximum productivity and effectiveness, which not only saves them time but also helps them achieve their goals more quickly and easily.

I think this point should be the first because 95% of highly intelligent people that I have seen are always time conscious.

You cannot waste their time for any reason, and whatsoever that will take their time that is not productive is a no-no for them.

They embrace their quirkiness 


Highly intelligent people are often quirky and sometimes even defiant when it comes to social norms they might dress differently than most, listen to music that others dont like, or read books that most people think are boring.

They don’t mind if others think of them as strange or weird, this is because intelligent people don’t fear being judged for their differences. they know that their quirks provide value and make them stand out.

There are so many things highly intelligent people do, but these 10 listed here on this post and in the video below by Brainy Dose are the major things you can see among intelligent people.