๐Ÿ’ž5 Words To Never Say To Anyone At Any Point In Life (And Reasons Not To)๐Ÿ’ž

๐Ÿ’ž5 Words To Never Say To Anyone At Any Point In Life (And Reasons Not To)๐Ÿ’ž

There a saying, “Words are egg, once fallen it cannot be returned to its former state.”

We only have control over our words when they are still thoughts, once they’re spoken, we have little or control over them.

Below are words you should never utter to someone at any point in your life, no matter the situation or personality of that person.

1. I Hate You

Stating in clear terms that you hate someone might make you feel bold, courageous, confident, and outspoken in the meantime, but in the long run – it’ll do you more harm than good.

If you dislike someone or don’t like their way of life, and fail to learn how to manage them if you go ahead and say it to their face (you’re automatically drawing a battle line). This has nothing about you fear them or not, you might even be superior to them.

What you should remember before telling someone bluntly that you hate them is that, no one knows tomorrow. Your words

You never can tell – the person you once declare your hatred for might become someone influential or superior to you in the nearest future.

2. Watch Your Back

If at any time, you’re extremely angry and feel like saying things – desist from doing so (because you’re meant to say things you might regret later)

If you say to anyone, “Watch Your Back” you’re putting yourself in danger because that person will assume that you’re trying to harm them, they will try to get you first.

If they are able to get you – you’re doomed, if not – you’re still doomed. Because, if something should happen to them, you’re the first suspect.

3. I Will Never Forget You

If you ever say, “I Will Never Forget You” to someone, you’re shutting the door of forgiveness on yourself, and from God. People will find it difficult to bypass your little mistakes.

Anytime you feel like uttering that statement/words, remember that we are all SINNERS. We only sin differently.

Moreover, what gives you the assurance that God will forgive you when you refuse to forgive people that do you wrong (Think twice before swearing that you will never forgive someone).

4. I Will Do Anything You Want


A saying goes, “In moments of happiness, be careful of your promises. During sad moments, be careful of your utterances.”

Don’t make a promise(s) you can’t keep, just because of your current happy mood. Don’t make a decision(s) you will later regret, just because you’re currently sad.

Most times when you say to people, “I will do anything you want”, the thing they usually ask for, comes off as exploitation (They won’t ask for something you have, or can easily give), but since you’ve promised to do anything that asks you – you have no choice than to concur (it mostly end in regret).

5. You Won’t Succeed

Cursing someone that they will never succeed, keeps ringing a bell in their head.

Years after you might have forgotten, they will still remember. If the tide turns, they might curse you great regrets than you could ever imagine.

When someone is trying to achieve feet, or trying to climb the ladder of success, and you feel they couldn’t – keep your thoughts to yourself.

If you’re in a position to help – please do so.

You just never can tell how events may occur in the nearest future.

Thanks for reading.

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